• Apple Will Most Likely Not Charge for iOS 4 iPad Upgrade

    This one may seem like a no-brainer, but Apple Insider today pointed yet again to a persistent rumor that has plagued the forthcoming arrival of iOS 4 for the iPad. It's a rumor-mill original that has been around since the operating system (and its name-change) were officially unveiled in late spring. The allegation maintains that Apple is not only considering, but planning to make iPad owners upgrade to the iPad iOS 4 later this fall (at a price) upon its release.

    Just today, Stuff.TV blasted the rumor to the tech community yet again with a headline reading "Apple to charge for iPad iOS 4 upgrade." The "source" indicates to the website that Apple's plan is, indeed, "definite." Then again, how many "definite" moves by Apple have been hyped in theory without ever manifesting in reality?

    As if it wasn’t bad enough having to wait months to get the iOS 4 update on the iPad, Stuff.tv can reveal that Apple now plans to charge for the software bump.
    This information is based on what a "source" had allegedly revealed to the folks at Stuff.TV. While "sources" can sometimes get the inside scoop on major developments and internal happenings at Apple, this claim blatantly contradicts Apple's licensing agreement, which says that iPad owners will receive free of charge the next major software update. Last month, during the unveiling of Apple's iAds platform, it was suggested that iOS 4 would reach the iPad, most likely, sometime in November.

    If there is, however, any vestige of truth to this report, it could be that future iPad iOS upgrades will come at a charge, as nothing is guaranteed in writing by Apple behind the iOS 4's iPad unveiling. Of course, that potential move would represent a stark contrast to Apple's usual operating procedure in rolling out software updates for hardware owners, although many of us will recall in displeasure certain cost-added software releases for the iPod touch.


    Apple Insider
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