• Sesame Street Behind New Guidelines for iPad Apps Targeting Kids

    Let's face it. Kids are using iPads with increasing frequency at home and at school with each passing year. As a result, growing pressure is mounting on everyone from mobile advertisers to mobile app developers to ensure that kid-friendly apps are built responsibly and as beneficially as possible for youngsters.

    To that end, the nonprofit organization behind the classic PBS children's series "Sesame Street" has published a new set of developer guidelines for mobile app developers who produce iPad content aimed at young children.

    Just as researchers have documented the “formal features” of television, which are the rules, syntax, and indicators of audio and visuals cues designed to help children understand a television show, we are beginning to understand the formal features of touch screen devices.
    “We want to make all preschool apps better for kids,” Mindy Brooks, director of education and research for Sesame Workshop, tells All Things D. Various elements of the new guidelines, Brooks says, were based on the findings and information contained in more than 50 comprehensive studies on how children typically interact with mobile devices, including tablets.

    "Much like when Sesame Street was created in the 1960s and little was known at the time about how to best develop educational television," a statement on the Sesame Street blog reads, "now too there seems to be little standardization for ensuring the best conditions under which children can learn from assets on these new touch screen devices."

    To check out the guidelines for yourself, click here.

    Source: Sesame Street Workshop
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