• iPhones, iPads Prompt Spike in New York City Crime

    It's no secret that iPhones and iPads are some of the hottest devices in all of mobile tech today. But they're so in demand - among consumers and criminals alike - that authorities in New York are blaming the Apple products for the first spike in New York City crime observed in 20 years.

    ”Overall crime in the five boroughs is up 3% so far this year, driven by the thefts of Apple products,” Paul Browne, a spokesperson for the New York Police Department, said this week. If Apple thefts hadn't climbed, "we would be experiencing a slight decline in crime citywide."

    But thefts of iPhones and iPads did climb - significantly. In fact, Apple-related crimes are up 40% in 2012. And iDevice owners are beginning to be more mindful of their device's theft vulnerability while in public, around the office, and even at home or in the car.

    On the bright side, however, New York is still safer these days than it has been in the past, particularly when it comes to violent crimes and homicide. New York City, the WSJ confirms, is on track to end the year with "the lowest number of homicides in half a century."

    Source: WSJ
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    1. Dazz187s's Avatar
      Dazz187s -
      Hmm..ill be more careful. I live between park slope and bay ridge so things have been quite. But I'll make an effort to hide my apple products, people here flash it
    1. dannyrocket's Avatar
      dannyrocket -
      Lol, you never know, they might start banning Idevices!
    1. Nyyankees's Avatar
      Nyyankees -
      maybe reported crime is down but theres plenty of it, nyc reminds me of the 80's when i was growing up its beginning to look like it again
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