• Apple Will Reportedly Produce Mac Minis in the United States

    Earlier this month, it was revealed that Apple was investing $100 million in bringing some Mac production to the United States while simultaneously having some Mac production going on in China. The announcement brought a lot of excitement, and at the same time brought with it a ton of questions.

    Early speculation led to the thought that it would be the Mac Pro, Apple's fully-customizable desktop computer tower, that would be produced and assembled in the United States, however a recent report from Digitimes reveals that it might be the Mac Mini and not the Mac Pro that will be coming off of the production lines in the United States.

    Apple’s Mac Mini is a very small desktop computer that generally comes with similar hardware specifications to the MacBook Pro. It is one of Apple’s most affordable personal computers that ships with the Mac OS X operating system.

    According to the report, workers will be recruited for the American production lines starting in early 2013 and the American production lines are expected to finally begin producing their first Apple-branded machines some time next year.

    Sources: Digitimes
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      hitman10 -
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      exNavy -
      Build that plant in Arizona. I'll build them for $20 an hour.

      Wonderful they are going to import workers on H1Bs, then they can all live on the foxconn camp where they will be paid in foxconn dollars only redeemable for goods in the foxconn camp store. The point of this was?????????
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      mlee19841 -
      Will the price be lower now??
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