• Boover Updated With Badge Sizing Options

    Earlier this week, ModMyi showed you a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed Boover by iOS developer Jonathan Winger Lang that allowed you to adjust the location of your application icons' notification badges. The tweak has since seen a great new update to version 1.5-1, allowing you to now adjust the size of your notification badges, as well as the location.

    The notification badge sizing options are located in the Settings application under the Boover preferences pane. The sizing options will be all the way at the bottom when you scroll down:

    You will be able to manually adjust the slider yourself, or you can tap on the make bigger or make smaller buttons to adjust the size of your notification badges by increments of 0.1. The reset to 1 button sets the notification badge size back to the default size. Each time you make a change to the size of your notification badges, you will need to respring your device for the changes to take effect.

    The screenshot at the top of this writing shows you the application badges scaled between 0.0 and 2.0 at .5 increments. The developer recommends staying under 2.0 and above 0.0 to avoid any issues, as the new features is still technically experimental.

    The new features are certainly welcome, considering the tweak remains free. If you’re interested in hitting up the new features that Boover has to offer, you can head over to the BigBoss repository in Cydia and find the tweak available for download. Boover is great for anyone that loves any kind of customization options.
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    1. nymets741's Avatar
      nymets741 -
      Still not ios6 compatible
    1. jontelang's Avatar
      jontelang -
      Quote Originally Posted by nymets741 View Post
      Still not ios6 compatible
      I am working on it. It is hard since I dont have access to a 6.0 device yet.
    1. Lohand's Avatar
      Lohand -
      Nice work. A color slider option would be AWESOME! Oh, and a transparency slider would be very cool too. I would even pay for those options ...
    1. brandon32's Avatar
      brandon32 -
      Still no update for iOS6?
    1. jontelang's Avatar
      jontelang -
      Quote Originally Posted by brandon32 View Post
      Still no update for iOS6?
      Hey there, I am the developer. I am travelling at the moment but when I can sit down and update to 6.1 I will get on the updating. If you send me your email to jontelang at gmail dot com I will add you to my list of emails and I will send you an email when the tweak is updated.
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