• Apple Reportedly Considering iPad Engraving Ahead of Holiday Season

    There are reports surfacing that Apple is tinkering with the idea of personal iPad engraving just in time for the holiday season to kick off in a few more months. According to the source from Apple quoted by Erictric, "Apple’s going to be offering customers the option to get their iPads engraved just before the Holidays roll around." Marking the first major shopping season amidst the iPad's availability, the move would likely be a welcome gesture for those with the ability to give such a generous gift - an engraved iPad.

    It is believed that Apple may not ultimately proceed with the engraving scheme if supplies are still in such short order by late 2010. Fearing further production delays, the engraving option may only manifest if supply finally catches up with demand. Nonetheless, should Apple roll out an engraving program, it isn't yet clear if engraving would be possible through online orders or if one must be present in store (at an Apple retail outlet) to take advantage of this yet-to-be announced added service.

    The source adds that engraving would “most likely free, especially since they’ll be trying to sell a ton more of the tablets during the holiday season.” Then again, with long lines being an issue every holiday season at Apple stores - and retail outlets in general - standing around to have one's iPad engraved may not be a palatable option for busy holiday shoppers already consumed by the hustle and bustle of the season.

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