• Introducing The FridgePad: A Refrigerator Mount for Your iPad

    Talk about a "cool" place to use the iPad.

    Lots of things have been tacked onto (or built into) refrigerators - from calendars and photos to report cards and even televisions. But Woodford Design will soon launch (through Amazon) something called the "FridgePad." You guessed it. The iPad may very well be the next commonplace household item to get pinned to the fridge.

    Profiled this week by Wired, the UK design company behind the iPad fridge-mount called their brainchild "an accessory to make the iPad work better for you. This really is one of those products that once you have tried it you'll love it." While it may be somewhat unorthodox relative to other refrigerator magnets you've used in the past, the FridgePad helps people enjoy their iPad in the kitchen - which, apparently, is quiet a popular place to use the device.

    Essentially, the magnetic frame (derived from good old fashioned aluminum ) secures the iPad with four plastic corner clips. Once pinned to the refrigerator, you can use the iPad to watch a movie, play music, or do just about anything that doesn't require you to routinely touch the screen. After all, it's kind of hard to eat breakfast or clean the kitchen when you have to constantly be at arms length from the fridge.

    Unfortunately, there isn't an exact launch date scheduled for the FridgePad's release, but Wired says it will run you about $78 and most likely ship this fall from Amazon. Of course, if you're so excited about the launch of this iPad fridge magnet that you won't sleep until Amazon ships your order, you can sign up for email alerts from Woodford Design to "get the latest news and keep up to date on availability."

    Woodford Design
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