• Crayola and Griffin Team Up to Release a Slew of Coloring Tools for the iPad

    The folks over at Griffin Technology have recently partnered with the folks over at Crayola to showcase three creative tools made for the iPad. Each of the new tools uses the tablet’s features to offer an innovative digital canvas for artists. The products include the Crayola Light Marker, the Digital Activity Center, and Color & Play Workstation.

    The Crayola Light Marker is a marker-shaped pen that enables users to draw in the air in front of an iPad. The system ends up using Crayola’s multi-activity Light marker app to capture the pen’s movement with the iPad’s front-facing camera and display the strokes on screen. The applications that support the Crayola Light Marker include Dot to Dot, Paint Splatter, Coloring Pages, Puzzles, Hide and Seek and Free Draw. The product itself is set to ship in Spring of 2013 with a price tag of $29.99 while compatible apps will be free to download through the App Store.

    The Crayola Digital Activity Center is a combination lap desk and iPad cover. Built from a canvas material, the case sports a cushioned back that cradles the iPad and features an integrated screen protector. As with most cases, there is easy access to the headphone jack, front facing camera and dock connector. Without the iPad, the activity center functions similarly to a lap desk with a built-in-handle, hard coloring surface and a dry erase board. There is also a built in storage pocket for Crayola crayons, markers, and input devices such as the Crayola Light Marker. This product is available in stores now for a price tag of $39.99.

    Last but not least is Crayola’s Color & Play Workstation which turns the iPad into an all-in-one iPad workstation designed for “tabletop creativity.” Children just flip the lid and snap an iPad into place to start creating digital works of art. The product features a built-in carrying handle and three storage “cubbies” that allow users to store items like crayons, markers, and input devices including the Crayola ColorStudio HD and Digitools. The Color & Play is secure on all sides and much like many similar products, provides easy access to the headphone jack and home button. This product is said to release in Spring of 2013 for a price tag of $19.99.

    It isn’t a surprise to see products like these coming to fruition as iOS devices, especially the iPad, continue to grow popular in demand among younger children. Will you be purchasing any of these products for someone you know?

    Source: Griffin
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    1. scorpluto's Avatar
      scorpluto -
      I would love to buy products like these to my kids since they help them so much. Whether it is with respect to their creativity or learning process, all these would help them to overcome all that in a much more enjoyable way. A big thumbs from me !
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