• US iPad Data Plans Higher Than Most Carriers

    Are we paying too much for our data plan? The iPad data plans appears to be more than most carriers across the globe. With AT&T's latest data plans US customers pay $12.50/GB to use data on AT&T's 3G network.

    According to a company that has compared monthly data plans for the magical Apple device across different wireless carriers worldwide - we're being ripped off in how much they are charging us for data.

    I found it quite interesting out of 35 total carriers, only five charge more per GB than AT&T. I guess we're still lucky - just think, if we lived in France they have to pay $25.47/GB Ouch! In Singapore you could get a GB for 51 cents!

    Tableau Software state American users pay some of the highest prices in terms of dollars per GB.

    I have unlimited data on my iPad and pay the $30.00 per month but would not have it any other way.

    AT&T charges more for iPad data plans than most carriers | MacNN

    US in top 6 for data plan costs on iPad - SlipperyBrick.com

    Chart and visualization: Tableau Software
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