• Genius Tab Turns Up in iPad App Store

    If it hasn't been clear just how aggressively Apple is pushing all things Genius Bar-related in its hardware, software, and customer service endeavors, look no further than to what has turned up in the iPad App Store - an official Genius recommendation tab. Previously, Genius recommendations for the iPad was only available through the desktop iTunes interface. Now, it's finally gone mobile for the iPad App Store.

    In a nutshell, the Genius tab serves up helpful hints and suggestions regarding other apps you may be interested in downloading based on previous purchases and indicated preferences. In a vast ocean of applications that have become nearly impossibly to swiftly sift through, the Genius recommendations may, in fact, achieve Apple's stated goal of helping users find the apps that are "right for them."

    To go along with the Genius-update to the iPad App Store, Apple has also rolled out a new “Try Before You Buy” feature, which spotlights paid applications through free or, as Apple puts it, "light" versions of those very apps. Much like the not-so-subtle sales effort that is the Genius recommendation tab, this freshly introduced "Try Before You Buy" scheme is clearly meant to get you hooked on apps by making them easier to discover and engage with, particularly if you're among those who prefer to live in the free apps section and never browse those that actually come with a price tag.

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