• Angry Birds Space Gets 30 New Water-based Levels, More Power-ups

    Angry Birds, love them or hate them, is still one of the most popular games in the App Store today. There have been many different versions of the game, as Rovio has worked with NASA to bring space physics, and Lucasarts to bring Star Wars-themed gameplay to Angry Birds. One of the newer flavors of Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space, has received an update today that adds 30 new levels and some additional power-ups in version 1.4.0.

    The 30 new levels are water-based, and they’re still in space. The new Splash galaxy is comprised of planets that are made up of mostly water, and with this, you get some water physics in space that work with the gravity physics that we’re used to in Angry Birds Space. There are some stone barricades in the planets that will restrict where you can fling your birds.

    Rovio also gives us some really cool power-ups that we can use to get a small advantage over those devious pigs. One of the power-ups you can use is Flock of Birds, which allows you to summon a flock of birds to cause some extra damage to the surroundings, and possibly score some additional points in the process:

    An additional power-up is the space egg black hole, which will open a black hole in the middle of the level and just start sucking in and destroying anything near it:

    The final new power-up is called pig puffer, and it allows you to inflate all of the pigs, as if they were balloons. This will help in situations where you want to open up small crevices that pigs might be hiding in, or if you want to simply try to dismantle a tight structure, or maybe make the pigs float when they're under water:

    The Angry Birds Space update is completely free for all existing players, and new players can download Angry Birds Space from this link for 99˘.

    Check out Rovio's video below:

    For a mobile-friendly version of the video that works with our app, tap on the link below:

    Video Link

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