• K-Mart's Knock-Off iPad Illegally Runs Android?

    Looking for a new Android tablet to replace that old-fashioned iPad you have laying around? Look no further than K-Mart. The Augen GenTouch78 Android tablet, as profiled by Fortune magazine, may be "as bare bones as it gets," but it does serve up some key, familiar features: Android 2.1 800x480 Display, WiFi 802.11G, 2GB of storage +SD card slot, 256MB of RAM, HDMI out for 720P viewing on an external display, Android Market access, eBook reader, etc.

    In theory, this sounds pretty exciting. In reality, however, K-Mart is pushing what multiple media outlets are panning as an iPad knock-off running a bootleg copy of Android. And guess what? Google agrees, saying that the out-of-nowhere $150 Android tablet is "using software it shouldn't have from an unauthorized vendor and has bypassed the usual legal channels." Augen's CEO, Gary Gofman, was subsequently forced to admit that Android Market on his company's GenTouch78 was “unintentional.”

    Put differently, K-Mart is selling what some are calling an "illegal device." It should be noted, however, that only days after its release, the GenTouch78 is difficult to come by at K-Mart stores, as demand has proven surprisingly substantial. Of course, if you can't find one now, there's an even better chance you won't be able to find one in the future as many expect the iPad knock-off to get pulled from shelves as a result of the questionable legality surrounding the device's Android attributes.

    Fortune Magazine
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