• Weekly Tweak Recap Jan. 7 - Jan. 13

    In case you've missed out on the new jailbreak tweaks Cydia has seen, this recap will highlight the tweaks we've shown you this week. These are in no specific order.

    1. TorchNC – FREE

    For those of you always looking for a quick way to get to a flashlight when you need some light, quit fooling around with flashlight applications. TorchNC is a new jailbreak widget for Notification Center that adds an iOS 6-styled flashlight toggle that will turn the LED flash on the back of the device on and off with a single tap. The widget’s contents turn yellow when the light is on and dims back to normal colors when you turn the light off. It's just as simple as it looks, and it doesn't feel out of place in terms of appearance – the developer did a good job making it look stock.

    2. DismissMyKeyboard– FREE

    DismissMyKeyboard is a new free jailbreak tweak that makes it easy to hide the keyboard in any application by simply swiping from the space bar to the return key. In some applications, you can just double-tap outside of the keyboard to dismiss it, however this isn’t the case for all applications. The ability to easily hide your keyboard whenever you want to means you’ll be able to have access to more screen content when you demand it.

    3. tapUnlock– FREE

    TapUnlock is a new free jailbreak tweak that replaces the slide to unlock bar on the lock screen with a tap to unlock button. Rather than being a WinterBoard theme, tapUnlock is a jailbreak tweak, which means it will be compatible with more of your themes, and for those that hate WinterBoard, you won’t even have to install it. The tweak replaces not only the lock screen slider, but also the power down slider and the phone call answering slider with tap buttons. TapUnlock looks good, works good, and might just be a preference over sliding to unlock your iOS device.

    4. InstaSnap– FREE

    InstaSnap is a great new way to easily obtain quick access to the camera interface of Instagram. InstaSnap is a jailbreak widget that resembles the appearance of the iOS 6-styled share widgets and when you tap on it, Instagram will load up ready to take a photograph. From there, you can add the filter you want and share it with your friends. The tweak does require you to have Instagram installed to use it, however it’s a great way to keep you from missing a photo opportunity.

    Stay tuned for next week's Weekly Tweak Recap - only on ModMyi!

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    Comments 6 Comments
    1. Raybeast's Avatar
      Raybeast -
      Slow Newsweek :/
    1. Assassination's Avatar
      Assassination -
    1. Faresismail's Avatar
      Faresismail -
      I think that thing will get mich better once the untethered is out.
    1. chevymusclecar's Avatar
      chevymusclecar -
      Here's some cool mods! Check them out! Free for the people!
    1. PokemonDesigner's Avatar
      PokemonDesigner -
      Once iOS 6.1 comes out I'm certain a slew of new tweaks will be released as well as numerous updates for old ones. It's just that most devs have newer devices now and have stopped supporting the old ones that still have the jailbreaks. That is all.
    1. Mrteacup's Avatar
      Mrteacup -
      dismissmykeyboard is awesome. Its a pain in the *** to use applications that dont account for the fact you cant see half a document with the keyboard out and theres no way to dismiss it!
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