• iBooks May Soon Sport iAds

    Who didn't see this one coming?

    Given Apple's great big, enormous, and - dare I say - grandiose roll out of the iAd platform, is it any wonder that Cupertino's
    larger-than-life foray into the world of digital marketing would soon carry over into the equally larger-than-life digital book warehouse that is iBooks?

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting what we've been hearing internally but without confirmation for quite some time - that Apple will soon stuff iAds into iBooks though the iBookstore. Of course, it also comes as no surprise that many publishers are reluctant to embrace the idea. But given how quickly the publishing world is dying in light of the rise of digital content, it's only a matter of time before a majority of those dragging their feet will see the proverbial light and understand that ads in digital books may be the only way to restore what's left of a once thriving print industry.

    “The historically staid and technology-averse publishing ecosystem has been ripped apart and transformed,” the WSJ reports. Just as iAds help financially aid developers, the arrival of digital ad placement within iBooks could be a valuable and viable tool to help new and previously unpublished independent authors turn a profit on their hard work.

    Wall Street Journal
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