• Reservation System for Upcoming Mailbox App Goes Live

    After citing an expected high interest in its free and intuitive email client, Mailbox recently opened up entries for a reservation system that will help manage the demand when the app finally hits the App Store sometime in the coming weeks. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, Mailbox attracted high media attention last month when it released a video showing off the unique attributes of the email client. The interest was so high that a reservation system is now being instituted to deal with what is expected to be overwhelming demand for the application.

    Although a traditional email client lists unread messages, Mailbox’s main inbox displays conversations in a priority order, allowing users to focus on their more important emails in a timely manner. The less important emails can be sent to a unique “Later” inbox for viewing later, while emails that are completed can be placed in an archive folder. In other words, it makes emails a checklist of things to do, which is another way to handle the organization of emails as a whole.

    To help facilitate the “to-do” concept, Mailbox offers a unique set of “snooze buttons” that will move an email conversation from the main inbox to the “Later” inbox when activated. Users can select from a number of snooze options such as “later today, tomorrow, next month, or sometime,” that will help bring the message string back to the main inbox at a predetermined time. The Snooze settings are fully customizable as well, giving users more control over the app. The user interface as a whole is quite intuitive, with a clean negative space layout and bold iconography that is easy to not only understand but also interact with. Much like the “Clear” to-do app, users perform left and right swipe gestures to set snooze timers or move message strings to the archive folder.

    As of right now, the only thing that seems to be holding the app from being even more popular that it already is, is the fact that only Gmail is support. This is also the main reason the app can’t replace a full-fledged client like the iOS mail client. The company has mentioned that it will be adding support for other services down the line, so those of us who use non-Gmail email accounts will just need to wait patiently.

    The “Mailbox” app is said to release in the App Store soon with the company filling reservations on a first-come, first-served basis. For those that are interested in the free app, you can click here to save a place in line. Once a spot has been reserved, Mailbox will send out an SMS message with a unique reservation number denoting a customer’s place in line. A private code will also be issued which will be needed to claim the app when the app is ready.

    Are any of you interested in trying out the email client?

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    1. subywrex's Avatar
      subywrex -
      Maybe when the jailbreak is out and I can set something as my default. My problem is I see it pointless to have another app to do something when my phone will force me to use another app to compose or something right from a link.

      Or when you press share and "email" it will open stock mail client.

      I actually find the stock client very good. Does everything I need to to
    1. tankz504's Avatar
      tankz504 -
      I for one will be happy this try this out. Hope it's good!
    1. iLoveWindows&iPhone's Avatar
      iLoveWindows&iPhone -
      It always amazes me when you see one of these small companies release a app with all these simple yet really cool features and designs, it makes me think "how the hell did Apple not think of that?

      Really don't care that much about a email client...but I will have to try this one out!
    1. Glissant's Avatar
      Glissant -
      I went straight to the app store to see if it was available even before reading the article. Huge disappointment to me not finding it there.
      I really think it's interesting to try something new, and this application looks like something I really could use for business AND personal email.
    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Mailbox looks to be a seriously promising mail client. I'm excited to try it myself, and registered with the reservation system.

      Off-topic, it appears that in the Vimeo video for Mailbox, the girl uses an iPhone 5, but when she puts the iPhone in her pocket, it's an iPhone 4S (you can tell because of the headphone jack at the top). I just thought it was kind of funny:

    1. Fimeg's Avatar
      Fimeg -
      Nice Catch, Anthony!
    1. 2k1's Avatar
      2k1 -
      I don't see a phone in the right picture. All I see is a oh wait nevermind
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