• USA Today Gets "Radical" Over iPad

    Although no one has yet officially pronounced the publishing industry dead, it's a safe observation to make that it certainly is on life support at the moment. Warding off the complete dissolution of the newspaper business, however, are mobile devices like the iPad which have suddenly sparked renewed interest in reading among other data consumption activities that naturally go hand-in-hand with owning a tablet computer.

    Since the iPad's arrival, myriad national and large-market publications have scrambled to make their offerings an appropriate digital fit for the revolutionary Apple tablet. Now comes word that one of the biggest and most prominent national publications in America - USA Today - is taking outright "radical" steps to become the iPad's top publication.

    In case you missed it late this week, the Associated Press reported that USA Today is undergoing an enormous restructuring. It's a process that will see significant job cuts and department shake-ups, the overall goal of which is to focus more heavily on the publication's digital output for mobile devices, but particularly for the iPad. A bold promise to focus "less on print" is a revelation in the newspaper business among such giants. But, as USA Today Editor John Hillkirk said, "We have to go where the audience is. If people are hitting the iPad like crazy, or the iPhone or other mobile devices, we've got to be there with the content they want, when they want it."

    To read the rest of the AP report, click here.

    Associated Press
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