• Dramatic Improvement in iPad Shipping Times

    If you're yet to order an iPad, there's an excellent possibility you'll be sparred much of the lag time a majority of tablet buyers experienced earlier this year when the Apple device first went on sale. Since April, there have been reports of some folks having to wait days if not weeks to get their iPad. But now it seems Apple has reconciled supply with demand. And, as a result, getting an iPad via online order should now be pretty seamless.

    From CNN Money:

    On Saturday, 170 days after Apple began taking pre-orders for the iPad, supply officially caught up to demand, at least on Apple.com. Orders placed today now ship within 24 hours, like any other Apple product except the iPhone.
    In case you're wondering, that super-fast 24-hour turnaround time applies to new orders of both the Wi-Fi and 3G iPad in all variations of storage capacity. Prior to the most recent shipping time improvement (3 to 5 days) the overwhelming bulk of online iPad buyers had to wait better than a week (7 to 10 days) for their order to arrive. Although Apple hasn't announced its new, faster shipping time with great fanfare, the improvement is being widely noticed and, consequently, reported across the world wide web.

    During its first three months of sales, Apple moved better than 3 million units and was repeatedly forced to admit to depleted inventories and delay debut dates, particularly in overseas markets.

    CNN Money
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