• All This Fuss Over an iTunes Customer Survey?

    Somehow the mere existence of a question posed by Apple in an iTunes customer survey has proven adequate to set the Internet on fire with reports that this survey is proof positive that Apple is about to roll out a brand new streaming video service. Although such a service has been rumored to be on Apple's backburner for quite some time regardless, it's difficult to understand how this "runaway rumor" so quickly jumped from a customer survey to almost every major tech blog in existence.

    According to Engadget, which essentially poured gasoline all over this ember of a rumor, the survey asks consumers about their level of "satisfaction" with iTunes video purchases or rentals on the iPad. At present - as we all know - checking out a flick on the iPad via iTunes means we actually have to download the entire video before watching it. Well, one of the possible multiple-choice answers given on the survey asks if the consumer experience would be improved if "titles are available to watch instantly."

    According to Engadget - and everyone else who picked up the story - this survey could be the smoking gun to confirm that a streaming video service is on the horizon. While I'm certainly not going to discourage those hoping for this eventuality, it doesn't seem likely that the service will be rolled out tomorrow at Apple's annual September event - as many now suspect. Instead, we're looking to a more logical unveiling of an iPod Touch refresh and possibly an updated iPod Nano.

    With all the behind-the-scenes wrangling over $.99 TV shows and other digital content coming soon to an iTunes video streaming service (once the legalities of such are addressed), there's no doubt in my mind that we will soon experience what the survey seems to foreshadow. I just think we won't see it as soon as... tomorrow.

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