• Sprint Expands 4G LTE in More Locations, Improves 3G in Puerto Rico

    Less than two weeks ago, Sprint started expanding 4G LTE in 28 more locations across the United States. Today, Sprint adds even more locations to that list. Sprint is the last of the major U.S. carriers to offer unlimited data for iPhone users, however T-mobile will soon be joining Sprint with that title.

    The new locations that Sprint has announced the expansion of 4G LTE in are:

    • Austin, Texas
    • Boston, Massachusetts
    • Bryan, Texas
    • College Station, Texas
    • Columbia, Tennessee
    • Emporia, Kansas
    • Framingham, Massachusetts
    • Fort Wayne, Indiana
    • Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
    • Aguadilla, Cabo Rojo, Isabela, and MayagŁez of Puerto Rico

    Sprint announces that the folks in the listed Puerto Rico cities will not only have access to Sprint's 4G LTE network, but Sprint's 3G services have been improved in those areas as well.

    Apple's iPhone 5, iPad Mini, and iPad (third generation) or newer can take advantage of Sprint's 4G LTE network.

    4G LTE offers a theoretical downlink speed of 100Mb/s, however under realistic circumstances, users may only receive 20-60Mb/s due to network congestion. Sprint has a reputation of having speeds yet slower than this, but some will agree that itís a small price to pay for unlimited data.

    Sources: Sprint Newsroom
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    1. sammo123's Avatar
      sammo123 -
      I have been getting LTE in Boston for over a year
    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by sammo123 View Post
      I have been getting LTE in Boston for over a year
      It's expanded. Not necessarily new. Just means they increased the coverage.
    1. jpeebs's Avatar
      jpeebs -
      Awesome! I JUST upgraded from a 'toy' phone to iPhone 5 and switched to Sprint, AND my city is on that list.
    1. epiticus1's Avatar
      epiticus1 -
      Still don't understand why Sprint hasn't updated to 4G LTE coverage where their World Headquarters is. Seem retarded to start everywhere else first.
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