• UBS Analyst: Mega iPad Sales Ahead for 2011

    If you're an Apple fanatic who can't get enough of figures and forecasts regarding Apple's prospective sales and company growth, you're in luck. This week, Maynard Um with UBS Investment Research provided one of his widely-read and much-anticipated "investor notes." In the document, Um says Apple could sell upwards of 28 million iPads in 2011 and further erode the PC market share in the United States.

    "Sales of traditional notebooks appear to be feeling pressure from the iPad, causing a scramble by vendors to launch iPad-like tablets," Um wrote. "We believe that a majority of this impact is occurring on the lower end of PC sales as the iPad is priced close enough to this range that it becomes attractive to consumers looking to make purchases within this segment." He was, however, quick to qualify his comments by noting that "We are not sold that the iPad is purely cannibalizing PC sales, as the functionality of the iPad cannot yet deliver the functionality of notebook PCs. However, consumers who purchase iPads may be more willing to delay purchases and upgrades of existing PCs."

    Not withstanding the harsh economic realities confronting many today, Apple's tablet has managed to exceed sales expectations throughout 2010 even in the absence of real competition in the tablet marketplace - a force that would drive iPad and iPad knock-off prices lower. As a result of this impressive reality, Um believes that a likely (modest) economic recovery coupled with greater competition and affordability in the tablet market will continue to drive sales of the iPad so high that lofty estimates today may eventually appear to have been conservative in hindsight.

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