• Report: iPad mini Shipments May Reach 12 Million in Q1 2013

    The latest chatter out of the far east suggests that recent component supply shortages have been addressed and overcome. As a result, the available inventory of Apple's iPad mini is nicely keeping pace with consumer demand, which remains incredibly strong for the pint-sized Apple tablet.

    On Tuesday, sources confessed to CCIDNet that there's an excellent possibility that anyone who wants an iPad mini in the first quarter of 2013 should be able to acquire one without too much fuss or a long wait. Thanks to the improved supplies anticipated, Apple may ship between 11 and 12 million iPad mini units during the quarter.

    These claims have emerged on the heels of interesting developments observed by those shopping at Apple's online store last week. As it turns out, shipping times for the iPad mini have recently fallen to 3-5 business days, a reality that seems to corroborate claims of bolstered supplies.

    If things truly are looking up for iPad mini shipments, that's an excellent development for Apple at this point in the new year. "If true," says Chris Bibey of Insider Monkey, "this would be great news for the company as it struggles to regain its footing as a result of an underwhelming earnings report."

    Sources: CCIDNet, Insider Monkey, Apple Insider
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    1. Greatbiguns's Avatar
      Greatbiguns -
      Can someone please turn one of these Minis into a phone.......

    1. TT KH's Avatar
      TT KH -
      iPad mini into a phone just like the original iPad into a phone. Note 2 would be a little small.
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