• Apple Secures User Interface Patents from Canadian Firm

    News has come to light regarding a number of interesting patent acquisitions made by Apple late last year.

    According to published reports Thursday, Apple secured more than a dozen patents from Canadian holding company Maya-Systems Inc, which specializes in developing advanced content management technologies.

    All of the patents relate to an "intuitive way to display any virtual content in a superior manner." Based on what we've learned today, 18 patents in total were obtained by Apple.

    This transaction attests that Maya-Systems axis-based user interface is ahead of the growing demand for axis-based user interfaces.
    "We dealt with a significant number of sophisticated buyers," says Mathieu Audet, founder of Maya-Systems, in a statement to the press this morning. "We are pleased to have secured the transaction with Apple... Our patents have been analyzed thoroughly by many potential buyers," he added. "We are confident that they are strong assets."

    No financial details regarding the patent purchases were released.

    Source: Maya-Systems
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      Check out their product. It is actually pretty cool. Wonder what apple will do with it.
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