• 'Flex' Lets You Create Modifications for Your iOS Device

    A rather interesting application hit the Cydia store today, called Flex by iOS developer John Coates. With Flex, you can actually create your own modifications on your iOS device without any programming knowledge. Having knowledge of the inner workings of iOS does help, however.

    When you open Flex, you will see three separate tabs: Patches, Cloud, and About. The Patches tab is your home tab and this is where all the modifications that you create will appear after you have created them. The Cloud tab will allow you to download modifications that other Flex users have created. And the About tab includes documentation, such as how to use Flex:

    Creating modifications is done by tapping on the '+' button from the Patches tab. Youíll be guided through finding the application you want to modify, and then youíll be able to browse through all of the libraries, classes, and methods associated with that application. You can create a modification for just about anything on your iOS device, so the application is pretty limitless. Anything that you create or download can be enabled or disabled from the Patches tab at any time.

    If you donít want to create anything, you can simply browse through the patches that other people have already made and uploaded to the Cloud in the Cloud tab of Flex. You can tap on any of them that interest you and download them. You can enable them from the Patches tab after they finish downloading. None of these modifications will cost any money.

    For obvious reasons, itís difficult to recommend Flex to everyone. Flex goes really deep into iOSÖ very deep. So deep that some novice users may actually create things that could be detrimental to the device, or even to software on the device. While things can be easily enabled or disabled from the Patches tab in the Flex application, itís not absolutely foolproof. We really recommend having some kind of knowledge of the inner workings of iOS before trying to create your own modifications in Flex.

    The developer notes in the Cydia description some examples of the modifications that you can make in Flex:

    • Show all timestamps in iMessages
    • Show contact photos in iMessages
    • Remove the camera grabber from the Lock Screen
    • Enable unlimited Mobile Safari tabs
    • Hide the Newsstand application

    Flex is compatible with both iOS 5 and iOS 6 and works on any iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. The package is for sale in the BigBoss repository for $3.99. Use Flex at your own risk.
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    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by vinaygoel2000 View Post
      Yes. There are other ways to hide newsstand. You don't even need to be jail broken. It's via passbook. Google it.
      There's also the StifleStand app.
    1. Raybeast's Avatar
      Raybeast -
      Quote Originally Posted by JohnCoates View Post
      Sorry about that! It was a temporary bug while I was adding download counts to Cloud patches, all fixed now.

      This is a problem with the pirated version.
      I'll have you know I bought Flex from cydia. I payed my $4. I fixed it by reinstalling it then changing some code. Don't jump to conclusions.
    1. Faresismail's Avatar
      Faresismail -
      Guys can i use this to tweak the alarm so that when it goes off, i have to solve a math question in order to turn off the alarm?? Its not my idea... Theres an actual tweak that does that, its called mathAlarmPlus but it doesnt support ios 6 and i dont think the dev. Will upgrade it...

      Also: is it illegal to do so? Considering its not my idea ( btw im not planning on selling it or anything like that )
    1. Leonnears's Avatar
      Leonnears -
      Quote Originally Posted by bcon1208 View Post
      As a software developer who hasn't had the time to learn objective C yet, I'm like a kid in a candy store! I'm gonna have fun with this.
      I'm the other side of this. As a developer who has published a Cydia tweak and two App Store apps, I admire the developer who wrote this, but I will hate those kids who will feel like "total hackerz0rs" thanks to this tool (PS: I'm not saying you will do that! But there will be lots of script kiddies out there...).

      But that's probably just me.
    1. twitchee3's Avatar
      twitchee3 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Raybeast View Post
      I'll have you know I bought Flex from cydia. I payed my $4. I fixed it by reinstalling it then changing some code. Don't jump to conclusions.
      What "code" did you tweak....? Just curious
    1. rocky5's Avatar
      rocky5 -
      I just removed the Ads from TV Catchup :-) instant watching of TV, this little app is cool & easy to use.
    1. D1g1K1d's Avatar
      D1g1K1d -
      what a great app! i have to say i've always preferred all-in-one type apps when it comes to my tweaks, such as springtomize, etc...
      i've already bought and installed it, and downloaded some tweaks, and look forward to figuring out some on my own. i love the idea of being able to use Flex to replace the multitudes of separate tweaks i had previously used from Cydia

      i have one question tho on that line of thought. is there any advantage to using Flex, resource-wise, as opposed to having multiple tweaks installed from Cydia, other than the aesthetic of having them all in one place? as in will it be any easier on the phone's memory management, or does it basically take the same memory-toll? i only ask because if there's no real difference or advantage, i may save myself the hours of time figuring out how to replicate some of the more complicated ones
    1. gameguy95's Avatar
      gameguy95 -
      Quote Originally Posted by D1g1K1d View Post
      is there any advantage to using Flex, resource-wise, as opposed to having multiple tweaks installed from Cydia, other than the aesthetic of having them all in one place?
      I don't know about resource-wise but because it actually modifies the apps code instead of using a mobilesubstrate patch, it appears to me that enabled Flex tweaks seem
      to work even in safe mode.
      I would assume there is a resource benefit as well (I know nothing about coding so its likely i'm wrong) because I think that a mobilesubstrate tweak, like for example a tweak that removes the "Sponsored Apps" links in the Facebook app, would need to sit in the background and go "hey has Facebook started yet? no? how about now?" while as Flex is integrated into the apps code so the Facebook app would look at it's code and say something like "Okay this line of code says 'DisplaySponsoredAds' is set to False" without needing to have something in the background all the time to tell it that it should be false
    1. jps1012's Avatar
      jps1012 -
      How is this app?
    1. bcwyatt's Avatar
      bcwyatt -
      do you guys install beta flex from Flex Beta Repo.. Bec when i want to use any tweak on Flex 1.11 and its said taht " this patch was made with Flex v1.115, you're on 1.11. Upgrade Flex in Cydia or download the latest Flex Beta. Do i have to unstall Flex 1.11 to install Beta Flex ?? or will it overwrite it ??
    1. ABOSWORTH's Avatar
      This seems cool.
    1. croft420's Avatar
      croft420 -
      This is a great app, very easy to use as I mess around with it. I'm new to Flex and have no code experience but would like to learn more about it. I really just want to know how put "time until my alarm goes off" in the lockscreen either notification center or in itelliscreenx. Could this app do that if I got smart on it? OCD is kickin in. Any help would be great! Also, could I mess up my iPhone permanently with Flex or would Mobile Sub be a buffer from my lack of knowledge? I'm a trial and error type
    1. _Vansmak_'s Avatar
      _Vansmak_ -
      Love this tweak once I figure it out. Want to remove ads from mmi app. Lol. Anyone?
    1. nj4dummies's Avatar
      nj4dummies -
      Is anyone still having problems with flex displaying on ipad
    1. skiptowncat's Avatar
      skiptowncat -
      Anyone know how to disable jailbreak detection on skygo? The old sky go and xcon don't seem to work on ip5
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