• Oracle Releases Java 7 Update 13 to Patch Security Issues

    Just a day after Apple blocked Java 7’s latest update from running on the OS X platform, Oracle on Friday released a new version reportedly addressing the vulnerabilities that were seen in the last build. According to a critical update advisory from oracle, the newest Java 7 Update 13 version was originally scheduled for a February 19 release date but vulnerabilities prompted the company to accelerate its latest patch.

    A zero-day flaw was discovered in the Java Runtime Environment and was being exploited by multiple websites previously. The issue was so serious that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security had warned users to disable the plugin and Apple even disabled Java 7 through the OS X anti-malware system, requiring users to have at least version "1.7.0_10-b19" installed on their Macs. The recent update carries the designation of "1.7.0_13-b20," meeting Apple's requirements.

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    Oracle is also saying that they “strongly recommend” applying the CPU fixes as soon as possible, saying the latest Critical Patch Update contains roughly fifty new security fixes across all Java SE products. Apple’s move to block Java this past week was the second time in less than a month that the web plugin was disabled for OS X users. Hopefully Oracle gets it right this time and has patched many if not all of the security loopholes being exploited.

    Source: Oracle
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      is it me or the steam from the cup looks like a naked woman looking over her shoulder? was it meant to be a subliminal message from Oracle or am I extremely late to the game?
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