• Unfold Gets iOS 6 Support, Great for Stylizing Your Lock Screen!

    A very popular lock screen animation tweak called Unfold by iOS developer Jonas Gessnser has been updated to version 2.1 with full support for iOS 6. This is excellent, considering that the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak called evasi0n is expected to be released by noon on Monday (today).

    With unfold, the slider text is changed to “fold to unlock” with an arrow to the left of it, and when you drag, your lock screen will actually fold before your eyes. You can set the tweak to have a horizontal fold, as shown above, or a vertical fold, as shown below:

    From the preferences pane in the Settings application for Unfold, you will be able to set the number of folds, pick between horizontal and vertical folding, change the text on the lock screen to whatever you want it to be (default “fold to unlock”), and enable or disable the tweak on demand:

    Unfold is just one of those awesome mods that makes your iPhone stand out from everyone else’s, so it’s hard not to recommend it. Plus, now with iOS 6 support, it makes it just that much better. Unfold is not yet compatible with the iPad; only the iPhone and iPod touch.

    Unfold version 2.1 with iOS 6 compatibility can be downloaded for free from the BigBoss repository in Cydia right now.

    Also if you're jailbreaking today, check out the two-day LockInfo sale!
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    1. kuanyu's Avatar
      kuanyu -
      Jailbreak released!
    1. Breezy215's Avatar
      Breezy215 -
      Cydia must be blasted... Having trouble installing everything.... Smh guess I'll wait until things die down. :-(
    1. Mrteacup's Avatar
      Mrteacup -
      My iPhone doesn't reboot (on untethered, 4s, 6.1) unless I plug it into a charger, it only fully boots when plugged into a charger but manual charging with the sleep button makes my phone react like a tethered exploit and stays on boot logo screen, please don't give me any amateur help(like restoring etc.) I'm very familiar just wondering if others have this problem and if there's a solution
    1. delusion950's Avatar
      delusion950 -
      I purchased this tweak and my phone is sexy !
    1. 2k1's Avatar
      2k1 -
      Cool tweak may check this one out
    1. Brian Strunk's Avatar
      Brian Strunk -
      Either this is not supported for iPhone 5 yet or there is a ton of traffic on Cydia that is causing errors. Haven't been able to install this or many other things today :/ guess its a wait and see thing.
    1. sami4021's Avatar
      sami4021 -
      Does not work correctly with a passcode
    1. mrjayd's Avatar
      mrjayd -
      have it installed on my iP5 but doesnt work. When you slide to unfold it just flashes instantly to the home screen.
    1. ryanortiz's Avatar
      ryanortiz -
      I had this tweak at one point seems to run faster now under 6.1 on my old 3GS. Didn't opt to install it on my other apple devices yet...
    1. chriskaraokeman's Avatar
      chriskaraokeman -
      Wow, I have installed it, it works, but it also displays my custom text on the unlock slider, which amazes me because I last had this app on my 4S, yet I am on the Iphone 5 now, that has never seen Cydia Before
    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by delusion950 View Post
      I purchased this tweak and my phone is sexy !
      Purchased? Unfold is offered for free.
    1. Retrolock's Avatar
      Retrolock -
      Works flawlessly!
    1. DeathOfLife's Avatar
      DeathOfLife -
      Not meant for i5 Everytime I unlock it crashes
    1. mrjayd's Avatar
      mrjayd -
      Does anyone know why this wouldnt work on my iP5? I have tried reinstalling it several times but every time i go to move the slider it just instantly jumps to the home screen and I don't even see the folding screen.
    1. GibMcfragger's Avatar
      GibMcfragger -
      Same here. Kabroken on iPhone 5 (or iOS 6.1?)
    1. GibMcfragger's Avatar
      GibMcfragger -
      FYI: Update is out and it works now!
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