• Ten Wonderful iPhone 5-Compatible Jailbreak Tweaks We Love

    With the iPhone 5 having been finally jailbroken (here's how to do it), Cydia dwellers are being cautious not to install tweaks on it unless itís known that theyíre compatible to avoid conflicts and crashing. Here are some rather nice jailbreak tweaks that weíve confirmed work just fine on the iPhone 5. Additionally, you'll find a developing list, under these 10 jailbreak tweaks, containing other tweaks we know are iPhone 5-compatible.

    1. Auxo

    Auxo is a great app switcher replacement for the iPhone and iPod touch. iPad support is coming soon. The current version of Auxo runs fine on the iPhone 5 with no crashing. The tweak takes into account the iPhone 5ís taller display, and adjusts the screenshot sizes in the app switcher accordingly. Also, users donít have to scroll down to reveal the volume slider in the iPod controls on the iPhone 5. Auxo is $1.99 in the BigBoss repository.

    2. TetherMe

    TetherMe is my personal favorite solution for unauthorized tethering, as it unlocks a feature that is already built into iOS rather than adding a third-party interface. TetherMe is fully compatible with iOS 6 and the iPhone 5, and it can share blazing-fast LTE performance with any device that you pair to your iPhone 5ís connection via iOSí native tethering. TetherMe can be had for $4.99 in the BigBoss Repository.

    3. Barrel

    Barrel lets you change the animation of swiping through pages on your home screen. Barrel works fine with the iPhone 5, and with the extra row of icons on the taller, four-inch display. A couple of the animations are a little jittery, but most (almost all) of them work as expected. Barrel wonít cause any problems for you if you want to add these great animations to your iPhone 5! Barrel is $2.99 in the BigBoss repository.

    4. Zephyr

    Zephyr is also compatible with the iPhone 5, and all of its features work as expected. You can swipe up from the bottom of the display to reveal the App Switcher and close apps, as well as swipe from the sides of the screen to move between open applications. The Notification Center animation also works great on the iPhone 5. Zephyr is $4.99 in the BigBoss repository.

    5. OpenNotifier

    OpenNotifier also plays nice with the iPhone 5, and lets you assign status bar icons to applications so that when you receive notifications from them, youíll also get a status bar icon for that application. There are bundle(s) in Cydia that can extend the range of icons you can use in the status bar, so donít feel limited by the stock ones. OpenNotifier is free in the ModMyi repository. Additionally, the OpenNotifier Premium pack, which adds more icons to OpenNotifier, is compatible with the iPhone 5.

    6. SBSettings

    SBSettings will run great on the iPhone 5, as well. You can use any of the toggles of SBSettings from either the drop-down Activator-based interface, or the Notification Center-based interface. More toggles are also available in Cydia, but theyíre not all compatible with iOS 6 just yet. With SBSettings, you can also change your carrier name, disable certain tweaks, and much more. SBSettings is free in the BigBoss repository.

    7. Bars

    Bars is a tweak that will make the signal strength indicator for your cellular network more accurate. It plays nicely with the iPhone 5 and the LTE signal strength. Itís a nice little addition if you want to be just a little more precise than Apple wants you to be. Bars is free in the BigBoss repository.

    8. WinterBoard

    WinterBoard was just recently updated for both iOS 6 and the A6 CPU, so WinterBoard is fully compatible with the iPhone 5. Themes, on the other hand, vary in success, as not all of them have been updated to work on iOS 6 or the iPhone 5 just yet. The theme pictured above is Elite Pro HD. WinterBoard is available for free in the main Cydia repository.

    9. Bolt

    Bolt will replace the battery icon in your status bar with a bolt icon whenever your iPhone 5 is charging. When you unplug your iPhone 5, the bolt will disappear and the only thing you will see is the battery percentage. It helps remove that somewhat superfluous battery indicator, when the percentage already tells you the status of your battery. It looks cool too. Bolt is available for free in the BigBoss repository.

    10. iFile

    iFile supports the iPhone 5 as well, giving you all four inches of the display to browse your iPhone 5ís internal filesystem. All of the features work, including copying and pasting files, linking Dropbox and moving files back and forth, and also installing .deb packages! This tweak is a must have for the everyday iPhone tinkerer. iFile is available with an unlimited free trial in the BigBoss repository.

    Also iPhone 5-compatible, but not pictured above:

    • 3G Unrestrictor 5
    • %hook's law
    • Activator
    • ActiveDock
    • AdBlocker
    • AirplaneScheduler
    • Aloud
    • AppCent
    • AssistantEnhancer
    • AssistantLove
    • AutoLSMusicControls
    • Bars
    • BatteryPeek
    • biteSMS
    • BluSelect 5.0+
    • Bolt
    • Bridge
    • BytaFont
    • CallBar
    • Chip
    • ColorClock
    • CurrencyConverter for Notification Center
    • DietBar
    • Dimmer
    • DisableNC+
    • Display Recorder
    • Enable Copy text in Facebook
    • FastForward
    • Firewall IP
    • FlagPaint
    • FlagPaint Lite
    • Flex
    • f.lux
    • FullForce for iPhone
    • FullScreen for Safari
    • Grafiti
    • highlightGeneral
    • Infiniboard
    • Infinidock
    • Infinifolders
    • InfinityTask
    • Instahancer
    • IntelliScreenX 6
    • LivelyIcons
    • LivePapers
    • LockInfo 5
    • Maximization
    • Messages+ 6
    • More Icons
    • Motion
    • MountainCenter
    • Music Controls Pro 6.0+
    • MuteIcon
    • MyWi 6
    • NCSettings
    • NoNewsIsGoodNews
    • NowPlaying on Status Bar
    • OpenNotifier Premium Pack
    • Overachiever
    • Page2D
    • Pages+
    • Parallax
    • PasswordPilot
    • PowerMusic MiniPlayer
    • Predicter
    • ProTube
    • ProTube 2
    • RageBoard
    • RingerX Lite
    • RingerX VIP
    • RespringCacheFix
    • Safari Download Manager
    • ScreenDimmer
    • Screen Extender
    • Shrink
    • Springtomize 2
    • SubtleLock
    • SwipeSelection
    • SwitcherAnimation
    • Tab+
    • Tall Screen
    • Tap to Note
    • Tap to Remind
    • tapUnlock
    • Topography for Google Maps
    • TwikaFly 6.0+
    • TypingPrivacy
    • Underachiever
    • Unfold
    • Unpower
    • WeeKillBackground Pro
    • Weesearch Pro
    • YFiSelect 5.0+
    • Zeppelin

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    1. dazdaman80's Avatar
      dazdaman80 -
      I'm definitely having issues with bridge. iPhone 5 gsm running 6.1, bridge functions as it should, but whenever I'm downloading an app from the apple store, all my previously installed apps are greyed out with 'waiting' underneath it. I have to go into ifile to manually delete the app's folder and then respring to get rid of it, the deleted apps icon shows up again on the Sb next time I'm installing another app with 'waiting' underneath it. After uninstalling bridge, this problem stops occurring. Anyone any ideas ?
    1. Kupe's Avatar
      Kupe -
      Anyone had 6.1 success (or problems) with:

      Update Hider
      Remove Background
    1. gonkowonko's Avatar
      gonkowonko -
      i think AUXO is amazing but noticed a massive battery drain on my ip5 6.1 So had to uninstall it.
    1. LudaChris's Avatar
      LudaChris -
      Quote Originally Posted by King_O_Hill View Post
      I find that winterboard has several bugs in it. If you have an HTML LS active, you do not get any notifications on LS. Also I haven't seen anyone able to get UISounds to work either. These are 2 major bugs. If someone has a fix or different results on their iph5, please let me know. I would love to be wrong!
      yeah, my i4 on 6.1 wont use UISounds either, and no notifications with HTML LS active.
      Nor does Glow Icon Labels work.
    1. vinaygoel2000's Avatar
      vinaygoel2000 -
      Quote Originally Posted by King_O_Hill View Post
      If you are using over 5GB just sending txt and emails, your fingers must get very sore!
      Where did I say that I use 5 GB by checking email and texting?

      Let's say I am watching videos, streaming songs, tethering, etc and I use 5GB and still have 5 days left in my billing cycle. Now I can still check emails and use texting. Obviously I cant stream songs (without buffering) and watch videos but I can still do tasks that require minimal data.

      I hope I was able to explain myself this time. English is not my native language so I guess it was my fault for not explaining clearly.

      Quote Originally Posted by Dougr33 View Post
      They seem dead over there.. Last update online: "Update 10/15/2011 - If you have updated your phone to iOS 5 or iTunes to 10.5, please update PdaNet to 5.30 from Cydia."

      Hasn't Tweeted in over a year. i'm going to try TetherMe.. I only use for emergency's anyway. I was very happy to find (while waiting for this JB) that Sprint let's you turn on their tether plan online(or using their iPhone app) and it works within minutes...AND they will pro-rate the $20 fee for even a single day. Not only that, but due to how their system works, you can use the full 2GB during that <$1 pro-rated day, and then again a week later.
      They are not dead. I saw the below on their website:

      "When I turn on WiFi mode I receive error "Hotspot error=22". If you have updated your phone to iOS 6, currently only USB mode works on iOS 6. We will try to fix the WiFi problem but will need to wait for the untethered jailbreak to be available first."
    1. shigh's Avatar
      shigh -
      Springtomize 2 keeps putting me in safe mode. Not playing nice with folder enhancer.
    1. LudaChris's Avatar
      LudaChris -
      does anyone else have a blank white icon on home screen labeled Springboard? it attemps to open when pressed, but then closes.
      I noticed it right after i did the DFU restore to 6.1.

      iphone4 GSM

      Quote Originally Posted by gonkowonko View Post
      i think AUXO is amazing but noticed a massive battery drain on my ip5 6.1 So had to uninstall it.
      no battery drain difference on my i4 6.1, than last week when on 5.1.1
    1. shigh's Avatar
      shigh -
      Quote Originally Posted by LudaChris View Post
      does anyone else have a blank white icon on home screen labeled Springboard? it attemps to open when pressed, but then closes.
      I noticed it right after i did the DFU restore to 6.1.

      iphone4 GSM

      no battery drain difference on my i4 6.1, than last week when on 5.1.1
      Yea i had the white icon ever since ,ios 6

    1. Xeraux's Avatar
      Xeraux -
      Are there a couple of repositories still down?

      I can't download iFile nor TetherMe.
    1. artbran's Avatar
      artbran -
      Just have to get NoUpdate to work...
    1. romeo_herman's Avatar
      romeo_herman -
      hopefully QuickLock will be update too.
    1. Ponderous's Avatar
      Ponderous -
      FYI, I had some issues with Bite SMS with my JB 6.1 i5
    1. NewD's Avatar
      NewD -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ponderous View Post
      FYI, I had some issues with Bite SMS with my JB 6.1 i5
      Me too. A sent message - as we're hearing our 'swoosh' sound on iMessage crashes biteSMS. The message is sent - but you have to relaunch biteSMS.
    1. Ponderous's Avatar
      Ponderous -
      Quote Originally Posted by NewdestinyX View Post
      Me too. A sent message - as we're hearing our 'swoosh' sound on iMessage crashes biteSMS. The message is sent - but you have to relaunch biteSMS.
      I should also note I was messaging back and forth with a group of five iMessage devices at the time in one chat. Kept booting to safe mode till I uninstalled biteSMS.
    1. NewD's Avatar
      NewD -
      Yes. biteSMS is pretty buggy at this point. I uninstalled it.
    1. Bubba4's Avatar
      Bubba4 -
      Quote Originally Posted by WithinTemptationFan View Post
      Well I have 5 icon dock, zeppelin and NoNewsIsGoodNews running on mine just fine.
      Agreed, same here
    1. lizzy954's Avatar
      lizzy954 -
      Quote Originally Posted by NewdestinyX View Post
      Nope. TetherMe is completely undetectable. MyWi "is" detectable. Be careful with that one.
      Hi,,, is this better than {PDAnet?}

    1. NewD's Avatar
      NewD -
      Quote Originally Posted by lizzy954 View Post
      Hi,,, is this better than {PDAnet?}

      Never used PDA.net so I don't know.
    1. atorres062's Avatar
      atorres062 -
      Anyone know if gridlocked will get updated or an alternative?

      Thanks in advance
    1. Wewpt's Avatar
      Wewpt -
      I used to keep Firewall IP on my list...until I read a comment by the author, and read that comment referred to in articles with nary a question as to why.

      I'm talking about the hardcoded whitelist that lists addresses that Firewall IP is to allow automatically.

      This is what I call 'tainted software'.

      Pulled from an article :

      "Cydia and RockApp are excluded for obvious reasons"

      What reasons might those be?

      I use Cydia, and devs get a fair amount of money from me, why should I have to look at ads there if I don't want to? Why is someone else deciding for me? What makes the author feel it's ok? $$$ what else.

      Nevermind that all those ads add loading time and who knows what else (errors, timeouts, etc) when launching Cydia.

      I wonder how well this app would have done if the author had told Cydia, BigBoss, and anybody else that his program would allow anyone to block all of their ads as well...not far.

      And they aren't the only 2. SBSettings (seems most of the problems stem from apps available through the BigBoss repository, big surprise there) is another, I'm sure there are more.

      I'd understand it if there were free/paid versions and the free version behaved this way, but for something I paid for to not act and behave the way I want and expect it to just annoys me. Also find it rather interesting that the author also sells an ad blocking program...not sure why I'd need both but whatever...I digress.

      Others have found workarounds to block those hardcoded ads, which should be enough of a hint to do something about it but no, the author refuses.

      So what happens now? Whispers and passing comments turn into discussions, discussions lead to programming research, and now...there is at least chatter that a new firewall app is being written that will not only have no built in exclusion list, but will address some of the other shortcomings of Firewall IP such as automatic downloading and merging of popular blocklists, a more detailed filter screen, and some sort of stealth ability for those sites that won't function if/when ads are blocked (admittedly I got lost in the discussion at this point, I'm no programmer).

      It's almost like Apple and jailbreaking. Apple won't let people do what they want to do on devices they own, so jailbreaking becomes a solution and thrives. This program isn't allowing users to do what they *expect* it to be able to do, so people start looking for alternatives or workarounds.

      When are software devs going to accept that if they don't give people what they want from their software (expected functionality without exceptions or strings), those people will look elsewhere and/or find a way to do it anyways.

      I just hope the rumored firewall app is more than just talk. I'd gladly pay for such an app (and say goodbye to Firewall IP).

      Sorry for the rant, I actually tried to post this elsewhere, but it got deleted (1 deleted, 1 was not approved for posting). I just had to speak my mind.

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