• Update Pushed for evasi0n Untether Package to Fix Weather Crashing and Long Boot

    The evad3rs have pushed an update to the evasi0n iOS 6.0-6.1 untethered jailbreak package in Cydia to fix the crashing issue for the Weather application and to fix the problem causing users to experience a longer-than-normal boot time. The update is for all devices that are running the evasi0n jailbreak, and is highly recommended to everyone.

    We can confirm that the issue fixes the problem with the weather application crashing on our own devices, which includes an iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, however we never experienced the long boot problem to know how that fares. Some are still reporting that the weather application continues to crash after the update.

    If you're one of the few still experiencing the crashing or long booting after the update to the evasi0n iOS 6.0-6.1 untethered jailbreak package in Cydia, the first thing you should try doing is rebooting. If that doesn't work, planetbeing requests that you send him samples of your /var/mobile/Library/Caches/com.apple.mobile.installation.plist file:

    Additionally, you can send him your syslogs after you experience the crash when you've tried the reboot method already:

    UPDATE: planetbeing reports that he has enough of the sample files and just needs syslogs now.

    Is the evasi0n iOS 6.0-6.1 untethered jailbreak package update fixing the issues for you?
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    1. eskco's Avatar
      eskco -
      The update that fixed my weather app was the one uploaded to cydia by Saurik. UIKit Tools 1.1.6, Just installed it and now weather app works. iPod 5th gen on 6.1. Going to test on 4s now with 6.1 haven't tried the new untether one posted yet.
    1. Luie82's Avatar
      Luie82 -
      Works great thanx, From iPhone 4s
    1. lilrican21's Avatar
      lilrican21 -
      Doesn't work for me. Weather still crashing 4s 6.1
    1. yearoftherat's Avatar
      yearoftherat -
      Fixed the weather app issue on my 4S..thx
    1. hrag525's Avatar
      hrag525 -
      Im on iphone 5 on 6.1 and i just updated. Still not working for me.
    1. eskco's Avatar
      eskco -
      Ok updated with the untether update on iPhone 4S with 6.1, rebooted then tried weather app, it crashed again. Went to Cydia and and installed the update from Saurik with the UIKit Tools 1.1.6 and then rebooted. Now the weather app works and no long boot ups. I never had that issue to begin with though with either my 4s or IPod 5th gen.

      Install untether update then reboot, then install UIKit Tools update and you should be good to go.
    1. iliveudie's Avatar
      iliveudie -
      iPhone 5, 6.1. Weather still crashes. BUT the reboot time went from 20-180 seconds to the normal ~5 seconds. Which is excellent!
    1. clikzip's Avatar
      clikzip -
      dev team is doing an awesome job pushing out updates. Keep up the good work!!
    1. 24inthelead's Avatar
      24inthelead -
      Wahooooo Stock weather app works, lolol
    1. jaykain's Avatar
      jaykain -
      Worked for me iphone5
    1. Momo_39648's Avatar
      Momo_39648 -
      Still don't work for me...
    1. 2moon's Avatar
      2moon -
      the update solve the weather app issue on the iphone5 and the boot took about a minute, however the update took away the weather app from the ipad4
      but i think having the app showing up on the ipad was a bug itself, wasn't it?
    1. johnblaze's Avatar
      johnblaze -
      I would love to get these updates but I just keep getting "404 Not Found" errors. As a matter a fact I get that for most of the things I want download. I'm sure it's still the traffic. Jeeez!
    1. YellowCows's Avatar
      YellowCows -
      Weather Still crashes for me. Never had long reboots, so no effect either. I tried re-installing the UIKit update twice, to no avail. I also tried the script last night, also no effect. I guess the wait continues for me... I should clarify, my iphone model is iPhone 5,2 (global model). Maybe that's a factor??
    1. Abneriel's Avatar
      Abneriel -
      Update worked on my iPhone 5 running 6.1. Boot was a little touchy (kept showing the boot logo, then a blank screen, followed by the boot logo repeatedly) when I went to reboot from Cydia after installing, but a good reset (held down power and home buttons) fixed that.

      Running smoothly so far. Keep up the great work!!
    1. SAVAGE5's Avatar
      SAVAGE5 -
      i5 update broke mine LOL Oh well. Still can't go outside.
    1. Pinoy's Avatar
      Pinoy -
      Worked great for me. I5 6.1
    1. Mrteacup's Avatar
      Mrteacup -
      Fixed my reboot problem that used to require me to force shut down then reboot and force shut down and reboot for it to work. Weather app is still crashingthough
    1. Blue's Avatar
      Blue -
      Doesn't work on iPhone 5. All updates installed. Reboot twice: Weather app still crashes!
    1. rayndog3's Avatar
      rayndog3 -
      weather app now works on my iphone 4s on 6.1.

      I never experienced the long boot loop so I can't comment on that.

      thank you!!!
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