• Apple Claimed 20% of Global PC Market in Q4

    Canalys, an independent analyst firm, reported Wednesday that Apple secured an enormous chunk of the global PC market in the fourth and final quarter of 2012.

    The information presented shows that worldwide PC shipments actually spiked 12% year-on-year in Q4 2012 to reach 134 million units. With tablets counted into the mix, Apple continued to lead the PC market, shipping 27 million units. All told, that amounts to Apple lifting its global share over 20% for the first time on record.

    HP shipped 15.0 million PCs, which barely edged out Lenovo by a small sum of 200,000 units. Both vendors ended up with an 11% share. Samsung placed fourth with 11.7 million PCs shipped (9% global share).

    Canalys found that Apple’s growth in the tablet market was driven by "strong demand for the iPad mini." In fact, Apple's numbers on this report might have been even more impressive if not for overall shipments being hampered by supply issues.

    Canalys believes that the iPad mini made up over half of Apple’s total tablet shipments in Q4.

    Source: Canalys
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    1. DistortedHope's Avatar
      DistortedHope -
      Apple computers are still way too locked down in a walled garden for me. I want to be able to customize my computer just as much as I could my car.
    1. ByteArt's Avatar
      ByteArt -
      You can customize your mac as much as you know how to.... you have direct filesystem access, since like 1984.
    1. DistortedHope's Avatar
      DistortedHope -
      I'm talking the complete system, hardware, software, firmware. In a car you can do more than just tune it, and I should be able to do the same with my computer.
    1. Sk8r4life66's Avatar
      Sk8r4life66 -
      i just build my own pc
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