• [GIVEAWAY] SpiritOfLogic Celebrates the evasi0n Jailbreak With Huge App Giveaway

    With the evasi0n untethered iOS 6 jailbreak having been released just this Monday, at 12p.m. Eastern time, popular iOS developer SpiritOfLogic is hosting a massive giveaway on ModMyi to celebrate. Being symbolic of the 12p.m. release, SpiritOfLogic will give away 12 licenses each of PhotoAlbums+, PwnTunes, and iRealSMS all of which have been updated with support for iOS 6.1 and the iPhone 5.

    PhotoAlbums+ $6.99 (iPad), $4.99 (iPhone, iPod touch)

    PhotoAlbums+ ensures that you have full control over your photo albums at all times. With it, you'll be able to actually move photos and videos from one album to another, rather than just copying it. You'll also be granted privacy options for keeping albums private with passwords. You'll also be able to copy your albums over to your personal computer very easily.

    If you feel restricted by Apple's Photos application, then PhotoAlbums+ is a good tweak to gain more functionality. If you're interested in being entered for a chance to win one of 12 copies of PhotoAlbums+, complete as much of the widget at the bottom of the post as you can to collect entries.

    PwnTunes $6.99

    With PwnTunes, you will be able to avoid iTunes at all costs. It's just great for those of you that are disgusted with iTunes and hate its guts. PwnTunes lets you drag media in and out of your iOS device without ever needing to connect to iTunes to sync your device. For Windows, this would mean using Windows explorer, and Mac users would use Finder (after downloading XNJB).

    If you ever use a computer where iTunes isn't installed, you'll be able to copy media that you download right to your iOS device. PwnTunes will even let you use your device as a flash drive! If you're interested in being entered for a chance to win one of 12 copies of PwnTunes, complete as much of the widget at the bottom of the post as you can to collect entries.

    iRealSMS $8.99

    iRealSMS will give you the text-messaging experience that you want to have, which Apple deprives you of in the stock Messages application. iRealSMS gives you:

    • Quick compose
    • Quick reply
    • Contact pictures
    • Smileys
    • Forwarding via e-mail
    • Privacy Options
    • Sent notifications
    • Voice output
    • Inbox, outbox, sent, drafts, templates, forwarding, searching, and more

    Thanks to the contact pictures option, you can identify people by their pictures, rather than the nicknames you give them, and you can also have password lock protection to keep other people from reading your texts. If you're interested in being entered for a chance to win one of 12 copies of iRealSMS, complete as much of the widget below as you can to collect entries.

    <iframe src="http://modmyi.com/giveaways/spiritoflogic.php" height=580 width=440 scrolling=auto frameborder=0></iframe>

    A big thanks goes out to the evad3rs, from ModMyi and SpiritOfLogic, for an untethered iOS 6 jailbreak on all current devices. Throw them a donation from their Web site if you have some spare cash laying around. Good luck in the giveaway!
    This article was originally published in forum thread: [GIVEAWAY] SpiritOfLogic Celebrates the evasi0n Jailbreak With Huge App Giveaway started by Anthony Bouchard View original post
    Comments 33 Comments
    1. bisayakid07's Avatar
      bisayakid07 -
      I'm IN! Thanks in advance
    1. sn71295's Avatar
      sn71295 -
      Pretty Cool, I could use iReal Sms
    1. pasmaczek's Avatar
      pasmaczek -
      I'm in!!
    1. joliano24's Avatar
      joliano24 -
      Check me in for one of that nice sweat one
    1. crackertime's Avatar
      crackertime -
      Pwntunes has been on my to buy list for a while, this would be amazing.
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      It's nice to see authors updating their apps! Thanks!
    1. iSteveO's Avatar
      iSteveO -
      Sweet! I love PwnTunes! Hope I win!
    1. DieselVexx's Avatar
      DieselVexx -
      I own each and everyone of these awesome tweaks. Would love to win one of these for my GF. Plz kind sir throw my name in the hat.
    1. Leonnears's Avatar
      Leonnears -
      Hyo, count me in.
    1. Rob2G's Avatar
      Rob2G -
      I'm in!!
    1. Cimpy101's Avatar
      Cimpy101 -
      All in! Thanks
    1. Ryaninfg's Avatar
      Ryaninfg -
      Already purchased pwntunes and photo albums+... Would love to try irealsms and compare it to messages+ which I have also purchased.
    1. btuck2246's Avatar
      btuck2246 -
      Look awesome and I'd love to win one of any of the 3!
    1. Iculknfne's Avatar
      Iculknfne -
      Hope I win. These would be great to have
    1. ugshotgun's Avatar
      ugshotgun -
      irealsms not playing well with i5 on 6.1 Says license error and it does not fit to screen.

      edit: did another respring and it appears to be working. fingers crossed.
    1. Titan3636's Avatar
      Titan3636 -
      Their customer service sucks. I have been emailing them for two weeks trying to get a reply on how to transfer my serial from my iphone 4s to my i5 for the irealsms i purchased
    1. Colwood's Avatar
      Colwood -
      pwntunes sounds appealing
    1. devious_saint's Avatar
      devious_saint -
      Would love to try out these tweaks!
    1. Outrager's Avatar
      Outrager -
      I really like how iRealSMS looks integrated with iOS.
    1. shahpriyankd's Avatar
      shahpriyankd -
      I have used Irealsms on iOS 4 and it was the best SMS app ever used on iOS now I want it on my iOS 6.1
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