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    Could some one describe step by step how to make your own keyboard dictionary on windows? I know you have to use iPhoneShop.jar run it throuht the consol dumb the english-unigrams.dat...but why we have to dump this file?! after that we have to do seperate txt file with our words (how it have to look like? each word ina sperate line? words have to by sorted alphabeticaly?) and how to convert it to *.dat? THX for answers!

    Ok I created my dictionary but the english words are still there how too delete them ? or just set their prioryty to 0 ?

    One more question I did my personal polish dictionary with 166000 words around 2,5MB But when I type it freezes for a moment when I type certain words? Any idea how to fix this(those words are in dictionary)?!
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