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    Okay, I'm about ready to pull what little hair I have left out!

    I can't seem to get any modded sounds to work in 1.1.1 (jail-broke). I had all my custom sounds that I made working in 1.02, now nothing seems to work.

    I've converted my sounds to AIFF and .CAF in Audacity using 32 bit float and every conceivable Hz frequency.

    When I copy (via SHH using 0755 permissions) to overlay the old sound on the iPhone at \System\Library\Audio\UISounds and reboot the phone, all I get is silence when the sound plays.

    I even get the same thing on ringtones using the new iRinger program. Show up in the list but plays silent.

    The weird thing is that when I use Installer to download a sound pack for Customize, those sounds play okay. But when I create a directory in customize with my sounds in the same format, I get the silent treatment again!!

    Anyone have any ideas?



    No thoughts on this problem anyone?

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