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    Hey Everyone,

    Not sure if this has been previously posted (I couldn't find anything) but I am looking to change the ".com" keyboard character. I am in New Zealand and it would be much better and more productive for me if that button inserted ".co.nz" Does anyone know how to go about changing this? I have checked the "International settings" and that doesn't change anything. Even when you change it to a UK keyboard input it doesn't change the ".com" to ".co.uk" whcih would make soooo much more sense.

    There must be somewhere this could be changed and I am sure a lot of people would like this mod.

    2007-10-23 01:24 AM
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    OK So now on 1.1.2 and I notice the UK keyboard now shows ".co.uk" when you press and hold the ".com" button. Is there anyway to change this to ".co.nz"?

    I have know found the ".co.uk" string and I have changed to reflect ".co.nz" and that works great.

    Does anyone know which characters I need to change around to swap the $ and symbols. I ask as I would use the $ symbol more
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    2007-11-24 09:57 PM
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    can you teach us how you chang co.uk to co.nz? thank you
    2007-11-26 07:05 AM