1. JMIGUELES's Avatar
    it just happen...i have full wifi bars, but when trying to go into a website it said cannt not connect to sever.. i put the phone to sleep and wake it up and it will stay on edge??? in setting it will show my network but in the that network settings it will not show my ip address or any other info only the DNS???? what give here anyone can help???
    2007-10-23 05:14 PM
  2. jujubeanser's Avatar
    this happened to me once. Found out I wasn't really connected at all, even though the wifi bars showed full. Do you have somewhere else you could go with a connection you know is 100% legit?
    2007-10-23 05:23 PM
  3. Murfunit's Avatar
    Where are you trying to connect? Not all WIFI networks that are 'free' or 'open' actually allow you to connect or assign you an IP. Many have no encryption, but still require sonme form of login, either web based or via a front end of some sort (Hotels, schools, Starbucks all are examples)

    As said before: Take the phone somewhere you know has a WIFI you can connect to the internet with (Home, a friend's home, work, whatever) and see test it again
    Je t'aime encore, Roguette
    2007-10-23 05:44 PM
  4. JMIGUELES's Avatar
    This is my home concention it was work fine until this morning if i go into the seeting and hit on the arrow on the network it use to show me all info like ip address and subnet mask ect....now it is all blank....i have a airport express and again it was work fine until this morning what gives?????

    it so funny,, i have no info---no ip address no subnet no router no dns.....can some help out this has to be some easy to fix.....it show up in cyberduck i now the ip address but i cant manually put into the phone. Please help out i'm on 1.0.2 unlock with iunlock it show as it's connected but give me an error when trying to surf the web
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    2007-10-23 08:00 PM
  5. jelifer's Avatar
    see here sorry for the alte im just tryin to help -->http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=306067
    2007-11-29 09:56 PM
  6. deedeedee's Avatar
    how about you try to unplug ur wireless modem. Wait then plug it back in. My problem was fixed before.
    2007-11-30 03:35 AM
  7. Tweakin's Avatar
    could it be a network issue and not the iphone?

    there could be an ip conflict

    it could be an ip conflict on your network, check your router
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    2007-11-30 06:47 AM
  8. Erix18's Avatar
    It is an iphone issue i have had it before many times
    . generaly i just press forget the network and it works. i wait until an ip address comes if this doesnt work i just reset
    2007-11-30 08:06 AM