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    I'm new to this but I followed the directions exact on the tutorial from youtube. Pretty much it didnt work and I don't care to go crazy over trying to get it to work. When downloading it said main execution error. Only problem is now I have the icon on my home screen and can't get it off. I went into installer and checked in uninstall its not listed there. Infact it gives me the option to install it in packages.

    Please help me get this off my screen and out of my iphone.

    Thanks in advance!
    2008-04-17 02:20 PM
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    ssh into your phone and delete it in the applications folder
    2008-04-17 03:08 PM
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    ssh into your phone and delete it in the applications folder
    <br><br>I don't know how to ssh??? can you a explain a little or point me to a forum that does
    2008-04-17 03:36 PM
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    look in my sig there is a DIY for installing customize on your phone.

    Make sure you delete the customize folder out first. If you did it via an installer source, open installer and uninstall it first.

    If installer wont let you uninstall it, go into the folder via ssh (brief tutorial is in the guide) and delete it from it that way out of the /Applications folder (im pretty sure thats the locations)
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