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    Ok, if you tap on Settings and then Phone and at the bottom there is AT&T Settings - is there a way yet to edit that crap somewhere and put in another carrier's numbers? For instance, for checking minutes on T-Mobile, it's #MIN#, so has anyone found where that can be edited yet??
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    2007-10-26 02:53 AM
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    Here ya go!

    I did the mod to my IPhone and it works great!!

    2007-10-26 04:10 AM
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    Thank you soooooo much!!!!!
    2007-10-26 07:48 AM
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    Not a problem!!

    It's a great hack!
    2007-10-26 07:50 AM
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    haha I edited mine and went a lil crazy...instead of "Directory Assistance", my phone says "Fo 1 1 Ya'll" hahaha this is fun....

    Edit: This is what my screen reads from top to bottom if you tap Settings>Phone>T-Mobile Services:

    "How Much I Owe... #225#
    "Fo 1 1 Ya'll" 411
    "Minutes Used..." #646#
    "Txts Used..." #674#

    "Help Me *******..." 611

    "My T-Mo Account"

    Hahahah This was fun!! Thanx again Proaud for showing me where to locate the prefs.lst for this!!! Yay!!
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