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    I am 2.0.2 3g with Wind Gr and the ##002# and call worked just fine!!!! Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!
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    2008-09-12 11:37 PM
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    I have an unlocked 1.1.1 and I have gone into install/system, but I do not have "Library" in my list of categories in the system file???
    2008-10-25 07:57 PM
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    Does any body know how to remove the forwardmsg with 3.0 again? Even without the Installer? I'm missing lots of apps from Installer and also from Cydia. Don't they work any longer with 3.0? Dont't the appear again automaticly like the do in iTunes with the original "legal" Apps?

    2009-06-25 07:03 PM
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    2009-06-26 12:53 AM
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    Great, this worked on my 3G, 3.0....???
    2009-07-14 07:16 PM
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    How to remove "Call Forwarding Active" pop-up message when you make a call?

    There is a way to remove it by editing one of the .plist, but I can't remember which. I saw it on hackint0sh.org but I can't find it again.

    Any help?

    Nevermind, found it:

    Get the file com.apple.carrier.plist found at /var/root/Library/Preferences/ and edit the key ShowCallForwarding to be <false/>. Reboot! There you go, your Mailbox works and you don't get that annoying message anymore :-)


    There are two settings in com.apple.carrier.plist:

    ShowCallForwarding: Message shown on outgoing calls, if your number is beeing forwarded.
    ShowCallForwarded: Message shown on incoming calls, if caller has been forwarded to you.

    Source: hide "Call forwarding active" message - Hackint0sh
    ????? I am not completely phone/computer illiterate but could you please assume that I am and start me off from square one? where do I access this info and these files and more importantly, how?

    Having hassled with this for two days I found the simple solution to removing this message on another site as being:

    On your phone keypad dial ##002# and Dismiss


    I take no credit for this but can't remember or find the ID of the person who posted the solution on the other site - apologies but grateful thanks

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    i found this site, with a very quick and easy fix
    all u have to do is just enter the code

    How To Disable ?call forwarding active? popup on iPhone | KAPUTIK

    have fun all
    2009-10-25 11:31 AM
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    Thanks-you Very much for posting that code The pop up had been bugging me for day's and was really taking the joy out of my new toy. lol.

    Thanks Again Helen
    2009-10-30 08:57 PM
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    Using iFile, it took me less than two minutes!!! Amazing!!! Thank U sssooooo much!!!!
    2009-11-03 10:51 AM
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