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    Is there any way to change the color of the background when you go into menus and other programs?

    Like Finder.app and Sketches.app. You can change the color (default blue/white or black for Finder, default blue/white or red for Sketches).

    Was wondering if you can change the universal color for all apps and menus.
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    2007-10-31 09:00 PM
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    2007-11-02 06:57 PM
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    yeah there is, i guess if your using 1.0.2 im assuming , if your running sketches anyhoo that makes no difference, what you want to do is if you have photoshop, and you have the link to the pxl repository is download your sketches to your hard drive and extract its conctents in there you will see ....default.png this is your background image like 360x sumthing or other.... open it in photoshop and then add your desired layer than delete the old layer you wrote over! save as default.png and ssh it to your phone.....make sure to set permissions for everything (octacal)0755.... if you have iphone browser than you can just go to applications, and find sketches open, turn your iphone browser on preview, so it will show you what the link looks like, anyways right click on the png you want to change from its file contents, and save file as.....whatver open it in photoshop change it....then simply go back and right click on the image again in iphone browser and press replace navigate to you new png, and your done restart springboard.....at the bottom of springboard app. you will seee a restar springboard button tap that unlock your phone and run your app and you should see it

    hope this helped it worked for me
    2007-11-03 03:45 AM
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    But does anyone know how to change the default color of the iPhone GUI (the blue and gray)? I want to make it black.
    2007-11-16 08:18 PM
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    Also do I want to mess with the color :P

    Red is my option like sketches app.

    Been looking for info but nothing at all!

    Thanks in advance

    BTW this is my first time here
    2007-11-20 07:34 AM