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    I took a long shot and went through a few pages on Google after looking for 1.1.4 Japanese Keyboard mod, and sure enough....I found one. Even better: it works! Instructions can be found at the following website:

    For those of you who also want your region to be Japanese:

    You will need to mod the same file that you change to get the Japanese keyboard. Instead of adding another setting under AppleKeyboards you will edit the property: AppleLocale. Change this to ja and save.

    Note to all users: Do not go to the international menu of your iPhone settings. I have found that this will revert back to a default file and remove the mod (and you'd have to do it all over again). I take zero credit for the keyboard mod, and were it not for this I could not have found the Region property. I have not been able to test this with SMS, but so far it works with all other applications. Good luck, and have fun with your Japanese.

    Minna-san, nihongo de ganbatte kudasai.
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    An alternate method, which will let you switch between the keyboards as well as having the choice between languages for all of your icons/menus. Plus it is a simple installer add-on

    This gives you several languages as well, not just Japanese.

    Add into installer
    Goto BiOsS Modz
    install *1.1.3* International...

    Your options will be under Settings / General / International
    2008-04-30 12:37 AM