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    I recorded about a 2 hour meeting on vNotes and when I tried to send it to my e-mail, my iPhone keeps freezing. I then tried iBrickr, navigated to the AMR file and when I tried to download it....iBrickr gave an error.

    So the only solution I can think of to get this AMR file on my computer is FTPing to my phone that way I can just drag it to my desktop. But how do I do this? Is there any way to connect to my iPhone so I can drag the file onto my computer?
    2007-11-03 10:39 PM
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    or, hoook up to wifi it will speed things up, and make sure your phone doesnt sleep
    2007-11-03 11:05 PM
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    Yeah that's how I usually do the transfers... it is on WiFi and after a few seconds I click on "Send" the phone will just freeze (I can tell because the clock will stay the same forever) then I have to hard reset (power + home button)

    The size of the file according to iBrickr is 32 MB. So this is why I am assuming it keeps freezing because it can't handle it. Now, I think the only way would be to do a direct transfer to my computer which is what I'm trying to figure out how to do.
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    2007-11-03 11:16 PM
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    If you have SSH installed and running, you can use WinSCP or FileZilla (sftp) to copy the file.

    Or try iPhoneBrowser and see if it can handle 32MB
    2007-11-04 06:39 AM
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    Install openssh, bsd subsystem.
    Download WinSCP HERE
    Connect to WiFi
    Settings > Wi-Fi > Click on blue >
    Write down ip address
    Go to WinSCP
    hostname = your ip address
    user name = root
    password = dottie, OR alpine

    Have fun
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    2007-11-05 05:14 AM