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    When I first got my 1.1.4 iPhone a month ago, I spent almost a week messing with it by installing this and that. It was unlocked with ZiPhone and I'm able to browse my files with iPhoneBrowser & iPhone PC Suite to replace certain files to customize the look of the dialer, edge/wifi icons, etc. I'm only trying to change those few things on my friends 1.1.3 phone, so I upgraded her firmware to 1.1.4, then unlocked it using the same program. But her file system structure is still different from mine. I have the var, Applications, Library, System folders on my iPhone, but hers doesn't show those folders. I installed a bunch of stuff on my phone already, and don't know which one it is that made it able for me to see those folders. I haven't installed any programs on her phone yet. Can someone point me in the right direction?
    2008-05-03 06:55 AM
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    First of all did one of you move apps, ringtones, fonts, and the other didnt? Second, maybe she needs to run the iBrikr fix?

    I noticed the same thing with my son's 1.1.3 that was upgraded vs my original 1.0.2. What it was is that for some reason with the neweer phone, SSH wasnt following the symlink to the moved apps. I could navigate manually though and find them.

    Interesitngly I ised winpwn on my 1.1.4 and WinSCP wont follow the new symlink (although its there and functional). If I SSH in with Filezilla or Core ftp lite, I can navigate the symlinks just fine.
    2008-05-03 07:07 PM
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    The above poster is correct in that you are missing the afc2 service and need to install it.

    You can do it manually (search here for afc2) or use the ZiPhone iBrickr Fix from the i.unlock.no repository (category Unlocking Tools).
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    2008-05-06 12:25 AM