1. roger505's Avatar
    ever sense i started modding i cant pinpoint the program i installed but sometimes when I click my phone button before the menu pops up i get this very grainy bad quality picture of like a pencil and some other art supplies then it flashes away and the regular phone menu appears. Anyone else have this issue?? I would take a screen shot but it goes away to fast.
    2007-11-06 11:02 PM
  2. Hurley's Avatar
    Thats the image placeholder if you look in customize 1.13 its in there. iRadio does it everytime for me...
    2007-11-06 11:21 PM
  3. roger505's Avatar
    can i just delete it id rather see nothing then a crappy art picture

    where is it stored i dont see it
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    2007-11-07 08:41 PM
  4. Katronix's Avatar
    I witnessed this same phenomena whenever the file "default.png" was missing from the specific app directory.
    2007-11-08 07:48 AM