1. brijesh33's Avatar
    I need to turn off edge as i'm not signed up for data plan, and i have the new iphone 1.1.2. Tried the service.app but its not quite working on 1.1.2, i noticed that edge automatically kicks back on coming back from standby mode...thanks for ur help !
    2007-11-15 01:47 AM
  2. dane.pablecheque's Avatar
    Welcome to my dilemma.

    I had the same issues and was gathering data bills for usage I was not directly using - I assume the Weather, stocks etc update themselves!

    Nothing worked, services.app was useless, removing APN/User/Password was the same and would not restrict the charges and usage.

    Resolution: I called my provider and asked them to stop any charges associated with Wap/GPRS/EDGE all together -= fixed the problem.
    2007-11-15 06:18 AM