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    I want 2 share this cuz I didint see this on the forum,

    to use iphone as modem for ur macbook or any other mac

    install Tinyproxy on ur iphone

    create a wireless network in ur mac an assign IP to the airport

    set proxy to

    connect to the mac from the iphone and assing static ip

    netmask on mac and iphone =


    start googling !!!!

    plez let me know if this works for u.

    NoTe: Tinyproxy can be found on installer app
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    anyway of makeing the iphone act like a network adapter on windows? i saw it on hacktheiphone.com but they changed the site and i dont see the option on how to do this.
    2007-11-17 07:18 AM
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    basically is the same, just point your gateway to the proxy in order to windows understands where the internet will come from

    and dont forget static IP cuz according tiny proxy config files this will b done in the IP address I already provide

    heres another clue http://www.modmyi.com/wiki/index.php...Srelay_Windows
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