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    Hey guys,

    I'm going to try my best to not sound like an idiot, so here goes...

    I absolutely love what the MMi and other various iPhone modding communities have done to enhance the iPhone experience. I have fallen in love with all the additional applications available; however, since I finally upgraded to firmware 1.1.2 I have been running into serious issues concerning hard disk space. I just installed the Gameboy Advance Emulator and a few other various applications and am already running out of disk space, which unfortunately only lets me have 1 or 2 GBA roms at any given time.

    Enough about my woes and on to the nitty gritty:

    I have read a few forum topics that outline how to cross the barrier into the portion of the memory reserved for "Media". Even after reading a few different topics, I couldn't figure out the best method for crossing the barrier...

    I'm not a programmer (no real knowledge of programming), but I have and am willing to SSH (on my Leapord MacBook-- CyberDuck, AFP/iPhone Finder) or use any other method that has step-by-step directions.

    All I want is to know what the best method to expand the disk space for Game Boy Advanced and NES Roms on my 8 GB Firmware 1.1.2 iPhone using my MacBook.

    Thanks Always,

    2007-11-19 10:57 AM
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    2007-11-19 11:05 AM
  3. kargod's Avatar
    Thanks a lot. I'm assuming it's gonna work for 1.1.2?
    2007-11-19 11:09 AM