1. ChAoS aCiD's Avatar
    itunes, not syncing music but detects iphone?!?
    I have recently got myself an iphone that i jailbreaked (1.1.2) and changed to an o2 pay as you go sim, No problems what so ever, but!

    itunes allows me to see the iphone in itunes but wont let me drag and drop music (stolen, or purchased) onto the phones icon, the only way is if i set it iphone to sync best rated music, and sellect the songs i want by rating them the best?!? HELPZ!

    i am running windows xp and have itunes 7.5.
    plz help, thanks in advance!
    2007-11-30 02:23 AM
  2. doogee's Avatar
    I dont know if you can drag songs to the icon.

    Make a playlist and in the iphone settings make sure you set it to sync the playlist.
    2007-12-05 09:15 AM