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    Ok so i'm half brain dead. Can someone tell me how to rename the file sms-received6.caf.aiff that appears in the iphone when i upload it, to sms-received6.caf, I hope there is a very simple way to do this. Thanks for any help.
    2007-12-02 04:26 AM
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    I renamed the file under windows to the correct name but when I uploaded it to the iphone it has the name plus the extention .aiff. I need to remove the aiff of the name of the file. Or does anyone know of a program that you can download via installer to rename it on the iphone?

    Ok uploaded the file using ibrickr, then went back in using iDemocracy and renamed the file all works great. Was trying to change my sms audio file but when I uploaded the new audio file with ibrickr it added the extention .aiff to the end of the file, went back in with Idemorcracy and renamed the audio file. It WORKS.
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    2007-12-02 05:36 AM
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    i'm having the same problem, and I cant rename the file even in iDemocracy 3

    anyone help!
    2008-08-20 04:27 PM
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    you have to show file extensions in windows:
    Configuring Windows To Show Extensions :: Scott Granneman
    windows xp and older

    Vista: Show or Unhide File Extensions - Tech-Recipes.com

    or you just rename them directly on the iphone with the SSH application of your choice ^^

    2008-08-20 05:56 PM