1. J5892's Avatar
    Does anyone know anything about Microsoft's "sideshow", and if it would be possible to create an iPhone app that's compatible with it?
    It would be the ultimate combination of usefulness and irony.
    2007-08-08 06:10 AM
  2. CyberGreg's Avatar
    Wouldn't it be great if you could read an e-mail message, confirm a meeting location, or check a flight reservation without turning on your computer? What if you could check the program guide in Windows Media Center by using a display that's built into your remote control? Windows SideShow puts this information literally at your fingertips on a wide variety of devices that can retrieve information from your mobile PC or desktop computer.
    We can do all that with just a bone stock iPhone, let alone what a modded iPhone can do.

    1. Email - yup
    2. Confirm meeting location - yup (even with OWA)
    3. Flight reservation - yup
    4. Program guide for my EyeTV - yup and remote schedule a recording right from my iPhone
    5. Remote control my Mac (and PC)

    I'm curious, what exactly would this 'sideshow' app do?
    2007-08-08 07:28 AM