1. Salan's Avatar
    My iPhone is working OK, but not so good as it could be doing. Some apps has been starting too crash (espicially Safari) and some wont start. The app Ringtones cant run (it says something about a faulty file system I guess, dont remember - have unistalled it). And all my ringtones (except Marimba) have managed to disseapear.

    So the point is: I want to format my iPhone so I can get back to a fresh start.

    But I noticed that last time I restored it (dont remeber excactly how I did it) some things were still on the iPhone after the restore. Like customisted app file and ****.

    I want a total format making it as fresh as it was when I got it.

    How do I do that? Will I have to manually delete some things using SSH(thinking of files created by apps which arent deleted during a restore)?

    FYI: iPhone 16GB, firmw: 1.1.4, OS: Windows

    All help are much appreciated!
    2008-06-18 07:59 PM
  2. movalwebmaster's Avatar
    just put the iphone in DFU mode, connect to itunes, click restore and update and iphone will be fresh

    file system will be deleted and rebuilt during a restore,after the restore if you sync ur phone with the restore-all info from last sync before filesystem wipe....that might put it back so dont do that

    set it up as a new phone and just sync contacts , photos, etc....

    hope this helps and works for you
    2008-06-18 10:41 PM
  3. Salan's Avatar
    Thx, that was just the answer I wanted !
    Then a follow up question: which software should I use to unlock it? I used ZiPhone 2.5c last time and it worked great. Should I choose another, maybe newer, software for the unlocking process? I dont want Cydia, I want installer!
    2008-06-18 10:53 PM
  4. movalwebmaster's Avatar
    i with you on that, i dont like cydia, lol, some say ziphone can really mess up ur phone, although it never did to me

    but to be on the safe side use ziphone to put the phone in DFU , Restore, or Normal mode and use iLiberty to hack the iphone, i liberty is pretty much the same as ziphone, just safer(as youll see by reading in the forums....lol)
    2008-06-18 11:21 PM
  5. Salan's Avatar
    Thx, then I will put the phone in DFU mode and try hacking using iLiberty.
    2008-06-19 12:54 PM
  6. MattMac's Avatar
    I would suggest also installing Cydia, but not from a payload, from Installer on the source: apptapp.saurik.com
    On install, Cydia moves all applications to the second partition of your device. This causes alot less stress and frees up more room for apps. Make sure its from the source though, or the move wont take place.
    You don't have to use Cydia, you can just hid it with Poof, and continue using Installer normaly.
    Hope that's some good advice for you.
    16GB iPhone 3G
    2.2 Pwned
    Dedicated Cydia User

    2.2 GHz Intel MacBook

    Mac OS X 10.5.5
    Bootcamp w/ Windows XP
    2008-06-19 01:06 PM