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    This thread is a How-To Change systems sounds such as lock, unlock, sms send, sms receive, mail receive/send, camera shutter, and so on.

    First off I want to thank the people for posting threads that I have used in this How-To guide

    And for the person that I downloaded the transformers sounds from for the life of me I cannot remember when I got them from

    Here are the must haves that I used to change my lock/unlock sound from standard to the transformers sound…

    I will be attaching the transformers sounds to make this easier
    Please download Transformer-Lock-Unlock.rar

    *If there are problems with downloading please post and I will rectify*

    -Must Haves
    1. jailbroken iPhone … obvious
    2. Successfully opened iphone in finder (see AFP iPhone from Finder for step by step on how to open iPhone in finder)
    3. short .mp3 file or .caf file (ex. 1 second file for locking sound)

    ---im going to continue on how I changed my lock sounds---

    1. Download file Transformer-Lock-Unlock.rar or create a small file about one second (for this I will refer to the transformers sound if you want to use your own just replace your file whenever I refer to Transformer-Lock-Unlock.rar, “unlock(trans).caf”, “lock(trans).caf”, files “TransformSound (reverse).aif” and “TransformSound (open).aif”)
    2. When you expand the file Transformer-Lock-Unlock.rar it will make a folder called “Transformer-Lock-Unlock Folder” in the folder will be two files “TransformSound (reverse).aif” and “TransformSound (open).aif”
    3. Rename “TransformSound (open).aif” as “unlock(trans).caf” and “TransformSound (reverse).aif” as “lock(trans).caf” each time os x will ask you if you want to keep .aif or use .caf you want to use .caf in both files move both of files “lock(trans).caf” and “unlock(trans).caf” to the desktop for easy access.
    4. Make sure your iphone is unlock and powered on for the remainder of the How-to and not connected to your computer
    5. Follow the steps in AFP iPhone from Finder thread to open your iPhone in a finder window
    6. Follow path iPhone Root FileSystem/System/Library/Audio/UISounds in the iPhone window
    7. Drag files “lock.caf” and “unlock.caf” to desktop. This will create a file for you to keep incase you want to go back to the default system sounds. (if you don’t do this you will have to reformat your iPhone to get them back)
    8. Drag files “lock(trans).caf” and “unlock(trans).caf” to FileSystem/System/Library/Audio/UISounds
    9. In your iPhone window you will have “lock(trans).caf” and “unlock(trans).caf” and “lock.caf” and “unlock.caf” the files will be next to each other “unlock(trans).caf” will be next to“unlock.caf” and “lock(trans).caf” will be next to “lock.caf”
    10. Since you kept the “lock.caf” and “unlock.caf” files you can now delete them from your iPhone
    11. In your iPhone window you should only see “lock(trans).caf” and “unlock(trans).caf” where “lock.caf” and “unlock.caf” were.
    12. Rename “unlock(trans).caf” to “unlock.caf” and “lock(trans).caf” to “lock.caf”
    13. To make sure you have the right file you can open them and play them through Quicktime
    14. Once you have confirmed that you have the right files in FileSystem/System/Library/Audio/UISounds close all windows that have to do with your iPhone and the sounds
    15. Hold down the power button on the iPhone until you are prompted to turn off the iPhone. Do so. Basically power-cycle you iPhone
    16. When you iPhone is completely turned off power it back on
    17. When your iPhone comes on you should see the home screen and if you press the lock button, and have done everthing correctly, you should hear the sound corresponding to the file you accociated with “lock.caf” and when you unlock the iPhone you should hear the sound you chose for “unlock.caf”

    Please feel free to post questions and comments on how I can improve if necessary

    If you want to change any other sound follow the same steps with the correct files
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    try to keep this up with replies
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    any questions
    2007-12-10 06:44 PM
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    You do know iBrickr still does this on all FW's?

    2007-12-10 06:59 PM
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    Or if you have a Mac:

    1. Create/Import the sounds into Soundtrack
    2. Save them as .caf
    3. Put them in /System/Library/Audio/UISounds
    Get "iPod & iTunes for Dummies", it'll change your life.
    2007-12-10 07:03 PM
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    this guide is for mac.... you just reiterated what i just said
    2007-12-11 11:46 AM
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    this guide is for mac.... you just reiterated what i just said
    17 steps? As I "re-iterated", it takes 3.
    Get "iPod & iTunes for Dummies", it'll change your life.
    2007-12-11 03:26 PM
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    Lmao. Now now guys. It really doesn't need 17 steps though.

    2007-12-12 06:45 AM
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    yea but i wanted to do it for the people that dont know much about mods so they could still have what they want cause reading through some of the forums some of them if you dont know the language you cant do it so that is why i organized it and made it easy to go though
    2007-12-12 07:46 AM
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    keeping it up
    2007-12-21 04:29 PM
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    any questions?
    2007-12-27 08:21 AM
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    @poorman1700: Thx Bro it's very cool and easy just drag 'n drop and then rename file.....Coolzzz Man.......Awesome.....
    2007-12-28 11:56 AM
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    @poorman1700: Thx Bro it's very cool and easy just drag 'n drop and then rename file.....Coolzzz Man.......Awesome.....
    hey man no problem anytime
    2008-01-27 08:03 AM
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    Here is a question. I am using "Customize" which allows easier custom system sounds. It uses AIFF files in its own directory. I had put together some "HAL" sounds from 2001, such as "just a moment... just a moment..." when sending mail and "I'm feeling much better now, I really do" when plugging in the charger.

    Anyway, what I wanted was two sets of sounds the normal max volume and ones with a default lower volume. I opened each original .MOV file in QuickTime Player and lowered the amplitude ('Window' menu > Show Movie Properties > click 'Soundtrack' > use 'Volume' slider) and re-exported as AIFF files, name appended with "quiet".

    These AIFF files do play quieter than the normal file, but when transferred to the iPhone they have the same volume as the original 'louder' file. Any suggestions? Does AIFF not retain amplitude settings?
    2008-01-29 11:55 AM
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    How would you put sounds on a custom theme... instead of just changing the whole settings
    2009-07-11 05:57 PM
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    You're the man for posting this. I now giggle every time I unlock my phone and my iPhone "Transforms"!
    2009-11-23 05:41 PM
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    hey great write up man, helped out big time.
    2010-02-27 02:13 AM
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    (they should have a jailbreaking for dummies guide)

    and anyhow, to put sounds on a custom theme,
    Do whatever you have to to get your custom sounds. Make them into .cafs.
    Now, you have to ssh into your themes directory. ask google for help on where that is
    You go to ur custom theme, and make folder called UISounds.
    In that folder, put your sounds. Except you have to rename them to certain things like lock.caf and unlock.caf
    There's lots of different sounds that play, so i'll list a few
    lock, unlock, new-mail, alarm, beep-beep, Voicemail
    And the epic thing is, with ifile you can do everything except transfering the files from your idevice! ifile ftw
    2010-03-24 03:35 AM
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    Is there another guide like this for a Vista user???
    Dont care how many steps it takes???!
    2010-04-06 10:29 PM
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    Well on mac i use switch audio converter. You just put your files in, convert to .aiff, and then go in and manually rename the file to file.caf . Rename your file to whatever sound you want to change, for example: lock.caf is your unlock sound. There's another post on modmyi I think that lists every single sound. But just because,

    alarm.caf = alert when task or calender item approaches
    beep-beep.caf= sound you hear when idevice is plugged in
    dtmf-0.caf=dtmf0 through star are the dialed sounds.
    lock.caf=sound when you lock phone screen
    low_power.caf=low power warning
    mail-sent.caf= sent mail sound
    new-mail.caf= sound when you have new messages in your inbox
    photoShutter.caf= when you take a picture
    ReceivedMessage.caf=recieved sms
    SentMessage.caf= sent sms
    sms-received.caf= when you get an sms
    Tock.caf= keyboard sound
    unlock.caf= when you slide/tap to unlock
    Voicemail.caf=new voicemail sound

    Here's what you need to renember. Get your sound, convert it to .aiff, rename to .caf, rename to "desired sound file name".caf, and put into a folder called uisounds on your custom theme. That custom theme should already have all the required stuff to work, which means at the very least an info.plist with necessary commands in the root of the folder. DO NOT EDIT YOUR ACTUAL IPHONE DEFAULT THEME as many users have trouble and end up with screwy default themes.

    Only thing i haven't mentioned is a program for windows that will convert sounds. Well, if you really need a link, then
    Software Pile - Free Audio Converter
    I haven't tried it because i dont need one for windows, already use one on mac
    But also, i highly recommend DVDVideosoft free studio, it has lots of tools, that might work, and also it has converters for everything even besides audio. You'll never need to download anything else if u want to convert video and audio for ipod and psp.
    Please promote my guide, I dont want to retype stuff

    And, a visual guide, not done by me.
    Hack that Phone - Make and use themes with WinterBoard - Section 11: Changing system sounds
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