1. trevo's Avatar
    Hi, i've briefly looked at some of the posts and it seems like to much time for me to learn to mod this file for 1.1.2

    I want it to recognize my numbers (local and international format) like the old appsupport.

    I'm a poor student but will paypal $20 USD to anyone that can do this for me

    2007-12-18 09:15 AM
  2. mattyyttam268's Avatar
    Hey there,

    you don't need to mod the app support file for 1.1.2, i myself have got my phone working perfectly on optus with 1.1.2 without touching that file. First you need to install iWorld from installer.app if you haven't allready, then open it and select australia from the list of countries. (this will fix the problem with text and phone apps not opening ) then go into settings>general>international and select australia as the region. It will then format everything as if it were and Australian iphone.

    Hope this helps.
    2007-12-18 12:30 PM
  3. trevo's Avatar
    Unfortunately my iPhone even with Australia selected under international settings will not match local and international numbers.

    Changed international settings to USA, re-installed iWorld and re-booted. Changed settings back to Australia. AND it's now working.

    Thanks mate.
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    2007-12-18 03:03 PM